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How to make a man in bed

For a better understanding should just remember that most vsegochelovekom ruled by his instincts, still have not lost today svoyuaktualnost.Therefore, in order to have a man in bed priderzhivaytessleduyuschih recommendations:

  • man on some portion always animals.And, like any animal, quickly reacts to any movement.An object that does not manifest itself, not of concern.Thus, for a man in bed is important, whether the active woman.This does not mean that necessarily need to learn the Kama Sutra by heart, you just do not leave it acts without the attention, nibbling and stroking his back.Also, do not forget that deep inside a man - it is also a conqueror, which is why many people so excited inaccessibility of the object of their desires.The main thing here is for you - no replay;
  • believed that by nature every man polygamy, that is, it requires a variety of ways.However, it is images, not the actual women.Some researchers believe that it is possible to explain this passion for many men, the so-called rol
    e-playing games.A woman who own the art of reincarnation alone can replace a man's harem;
  • Basically, all men want clarity in sex, and in other respects, in contrast to the fairer sex, who like intrigue and mystery.Men like to make it light, because when they receive additional stimulation.It is widely known that nothing exciting, as a kind of seductive nude lover.And women should not be shy or closed, thinking that she might not like her partner - usually the question a man unconsciously or consciously defines itself even at the first meeting;
  • wrong to think that men do not care what kind of underwear you.Properly chosen underwear may be an additional source of excitation.To do this, pick up laundry so it was really feminine, that is, with bows, lace, ruffles, attended garters and stockings.Covered with a very little, but it is amazing seductive body will not leave anyone indifferent man;
  • It may be true that a man would give the initiative in bed in your hands.This is not so difficult to achieve - just deeply understand that at every moment your partner wants.At the same time many studies say that most men feel embarrassed to reveal fully and talks about all the desires, fearing that the woman did not understand.If you have the ability to creep into the confidence, and in some way to recognize these desires, then trying to bring them to him, then we can say that he is guaranteed to you is not going anywhere.The most important thing at the same time - never, under any circumstances, do not laugh at his desires, but do not indulge in everything.If you decide that any of his desires for you is completely unacceptable, try something to replace it, that the man felt offended;
  • It is believed that the fairer sex like ears, but in fact, many men too quickly thrilled if they whisper in your ear something erotic.Perhaps this is due to the fact that fantasy is not developed very well at all, and under the influence of the story narrated in the head emerge images that contribute to the excitation, which gives an excellent result;
  • in bed by men want women to respond to their actions, that is, they feel like a real man, if their partner had an orgasm, and it is clearly visible.If the partner is or silently shows anyway, she did not like - it can fight off the desire of all men.The greatest effect in this case is the fact that a woman speaks out loud moans it or not.It is not known what mechanism is triggered at the same time - a man with the same instinctively understands that "the goal is achieved," or simply triggered stereotype that imposed on the porn industry.

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