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Proper healthy diet every day

In this case, "lemon" - keyword.Lack of energy, fatigue, sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night, decreased performance, apathy, confusion, forgetfulness, headaches, heaviness in the heart, irritability, depressive thoughts - all of these unpleasant symptoms associated with errors in diet.And to develop on the background of acidosis - a common "souring" of the body.

Sour "old age"

And it's not just a seasonal shortage of vitamins and minerals, as is commonly thought.In cold weather, we eat less alkalizing internal environment of plant foods.But actively consume animal products, as well as bread, pasta, which cause the body to turn sour.At the biochemical level, the excess acid is equivalent to a sudden onset of old age (he actually leads to age-related changes).That feelings arise and relevant - a total depression, and total energy slump.The problem is only compounded if you consume enough fluids (less than 2.5 l) or gaining extra weight during the winter, with the arrival of spring sit on

a strict diet.Dehydration and starvation lead to further acidification.With proper, healthy diet every day is very important to comply with measures such as:

not overeat;

- to know the sense of proportion in the use of food;

- relate to the use of food as if you eat it to replenish its own energy and not for what you choose to eat.

addition to enduring sense of fatigue about him suggests dull hair, pale appearance, extinguished eyes red and bleary (sometimes with unhealthy yellowness), whites of the eyes lost their luster.You always think that you are about razboleetes, the more that the right nostril is already laid.Incidentally, this is a characteristic feature of acidosis, described in ancient Ayurveda.To restore the acid-alkaline balance and experience, finally a surge of strength, correct nutrition.


Eat only lean meat in moderation for food (200 g) and not more than 3 times a week.Forget sour soup, rich broth (meat, fish, and especially fungal), pickles, spicy vegetable snacks.

Limit carbohydrate foods in the diet - in the process of digestion produced a record amount of acid.This refers to the bread, pastries, sweets, cereals (except oats and buckwheat), pasta, potatoes.Such food is also a deficiency of B vitamins, aggravates the symptoms of spring tiredness.Refuse

during supply of carbonated beverage (bubbles contained therein are converted into carbon dioxide your stomach into carbon dioxide) and products containing alcohol (when neutralized produce too much acid).Before their use, ask the date of production!

prevent dehydration of tissue that develops simultaneously with acidosis help alkaline mineral water - Luzhanska, Shodnitskaya soda, Essentuki-4, Borjomi.

Brew green or herbal tea.The more it will taste bitter, the higher its content of alkalizing agents.

human nutrition - replenish energy lost for a whole day or during the day.Well, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it must be remembered that energy in a large number of you, it is enough to you, and even to the whole day there.Understand why it is the main rule, and know that the food - it is energy, not a favorite hobby, "go to the refrigerator."

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