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How to eat to be in the form

Many girls, as you may have noticed, tend to have minimum weight and minimum volume.They think that it is a sign of good form.But is it true?Most of them think that becoming too thin, they will be beauties.

Did you know that very thin women look bad at the same time?When you go sit on a strict diet, the body receives enough nutrients, so the body needs.The result is a pale hair, permanent dark circles under the eyes, bad mood, and gray skin.

good shape - a clear line shape.It is not necessary to have a hip circumference of 90 centimeters, the transition from the waist to your hips should be a smooth line, not 3 folds steps.Thin legs can not look beautiful.What then to do with them, constantly wear trousers and hide them?And then there are leg-bones, on the podium they rarely see, but a lot of girls like to have them.The question is, why?

To determine in good shape, you need to have:
- clear lines of figures,
- absence of excess weight,
- healthy complexion and healthy skin.

To be in good shape, you need to fight:
- fat around the waist and abdomen,
- with thin or fat, puffy hands,
- with "ears" on the thighs or with thin legs.

It is hardly possible to maintain an unhealthy appearance.And any brute equally inappropriate here - and to decrease the weight and upwards.And, probably, many can agree with that.

I will talk specifically about myself with this problem I encountered in fifteen years.I looked at the parents and realized if I did not lose weight, you have my whole life colon.Beginning systematically engaged in a variety of sports and trying to find their food system.I was lucky that in 7 or 8 years, I stopped to eat salt and sugar.Home, so it was expected.

I will not have to download the details of the right combination of food, products, recipes.Just talk about an important power system and give you a few handy menu.

What to consider when making system of power

1. can not always be hungry.
2. First we need to feed the muscles.Your diet should be enough protein.
3. can not completely exclude fats.Otherwise, your skin and hair is not dopoluchat essential nutrients and start to hurt.
4. not need to sit on a strict diet, and then overeat.Observe mode when the indicators of volume and weight will remain constant, not a variable, as in the chart.When the weight is changed in a smaller or larger side, the body will act on a large load.
5. not eat complex dishes.The dishes, which are different ingredients, poorly absorbed by the body and inhibit the exchange of your substances.
6. Eat less sugar and salt.
7. better to cook food for a couple.

much we argue against a late dinner and restrictions on meals, only one conclusion: do not eat after 18 or 19 hours of heavy food.

And now I'll tell you a little bit.For breakfast I eat more often buckwheat, cooked with water or porridge, cooked in a double boiler.Since I do not porridge I salt, then add to them a little bit of fragrant spices.Oil is rarely add, if only a little olive.When I feel that my skin is dry, the body begins to weaken, then porridge I add butter.The oil has vitamin D, it will help dry skin and support the body so that he could avoid the disease.When you want something tasty, I sprinkle cereal cheese - grated parmesan cheese.Sweet porridge eat, I simply do not like.

Another breakfast option - a boiled egg.To this I add a few slices of cheese.It is easy and very tasty.

Dine try soups.Soup cook and eat no meat, fits any vegetable soup.Preparing fish hodgepodge, but do it in a way that excludes half of the products to this dish was not very difficult for the body.

My favorite food - a piece of boiled fish or chicken.This light meal that is not reflected in the figure, and does not bring much harm to your body.Try to cook chicken or fish without salt, but with aromatic herbs.

not forget the curd.Curd coarse like "home".In the summer, I add in the cheese some greens.It turns out that something like a salad.

Tomatoes and vegetables are now available all year round.For dinner, there is nothing better than to eat lettuce with shrimp or with small tomatoes and slices of cheese.

Here are my simple and light meals.I rarely eat pasta or pizza.Cakes eat only when I want to eat them.Once in two weeks I can not afford truffle, chocolate cake.As for sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and sweets - they are not part of my menu.I taught myself, there is a simple, wholesome food, and happy with the results.

Now we know how to eat right, to be in shape.You can take the recipes of delicious, remodel them so they stayed and tasty, and the diet.Thus, you can use diet, stick to its power system and always stay in shape.

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