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Harmful effects on the human body chips

production and composition of chips

Many believe that the chips are made from potatoes.However, it is not so.Most manufacturers of chips for their preparation using corn or wheat flour, and mixtures of starches.Most often it is a genetically modified soybean starch.Entering the human body, it is converted to glucose, and the frequent use of chips leads to its excessive accumulation in the liver, which in turn leads to obesity.The above ingredients are mixed into the dough from which the chips are formed, and then they are fried in boiling fat at a temperature of 250 degrees.Often fats used cheap as expensive refined oil is significantly reflected in the price of finished products, making production unprofitable.It is worth noting that the technology manufacture chips involves roasting them no more than 30 seconds, but this rule is rarely observed in modern industries.

Taste of chips produced by this technology is very different from the potato, so to change it using different flavors and seasonings

.The most common additive is sodium glutamate.His written many dangers, the necessary information can be easily found in the public domain.It should only be noted that, thanks to MSG even tasteless food turns into one that wants to eat again and again that the producers of chips on hand.

harmful effects on the body chips

hydrogenated fat that accumulates in the chips, promotes the formation of "bad" cholesterol, which is the reason for the development of atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis and other dangerous diseases.In the production process the chips are impregnated with so fat that eating a small bag, we get about 30 grams of the fat.And what to speak of large portions of chips.

There are manufacturers who use the chips for making real potatoes.However, it is often genetically modified, because it has a smooth, large and undamaged tubers - because he was not eating pests.For frying potato chips also use a cheap fat.

In this process of roasting potatoes all their beneficial properties are destroyed and the manifest properties such as carcinogens.During the breakdown of fat formed acrolein, carcinogenic and mutagenic.His education takes place even with the most advanced technology.To reduce the formation of this substance, it is necessary to regularly change the oil for frying.

Another and even more dangerous is the carcinogen acrylamide, which may be formed even at home, if properly selected oil or too red-hot frying pan.

recently during research in the chips was found a substance called glitsidamid, the next of kin of acrylamide, which can cause not only the development of cancer, but also destroy the DNA.And how many more toxins in chips until you have time to learn?

There is this kind of chips, as air, which contains less toxic than other types of chips.The technology of their production involves roasting them for 10 minutes, however, and they accumulate a certain amount of carcinogens.In general, manufacturers are much more advantageous to use a mixture of all kinds for the production of chips, as for 1 kg of product need to 5 kg of potatoes.

We have all heard about the dangers of crisps for human health, but still fans of this product buy it, often knowing that eating chips can cause gastritis, heartburn, problems with the intestines and allergies.A large amount of salt contained in the chips, has attracted many fans of "salty".However, excess of it in the body leads to inhibition of normal bone growth and the development of heart disease and metabolic disorders.

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