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Bulimia women coming of age

Bulimia - a pathological condition that is accompanied by an increase in human appetite in a pronounced manner.The reasons for the emergence and development of bulimia can be quite diverse: upset the functioning of the food center, big breaks between meals, deregulation of metabolism, reduction of blood glucose levels, functional disorders of the stomach and gastric hyperacidity, systematic overeating, decreased activity of the reproductive glands.The development of bulimia in some older women due to hereditary predisposition.

Regardless of the causes of bulimia, with a permanent display of a sharp increase in appetite, and increasing the amount of food eaten for each meal should consult a doctor.After the establishment of the main causes of bulimia woman in case of necessity need to undergo medical treatment, as well as radically revise the organization of the food.

To get rid of an excessive amount of adipose tissue, resulting in the development of bulimia, the fair sex in the first place need to re

alize the following rules for the organization of the diet:

1. The degree of saturation of a person after eating depends on the nutritional value of food eaten.However, the greater part in a product contained carbohydrate and fat, the greater the amount of calories of a cooked dish supplies the body and the greater the amount of body fat while stored in the body.

2. Even those products that contain a relatively small amount of calories, uncontrolled eating in large quantities can also contribute to the emergence of overweight.

3. For older women suffering from bulimia, nutritionists for the speedy disposal of excessive amounts of fat are advised to significantly increase the proportion of the diet low-calorie foods that take up a large amount of space of the digestive tract.To those products mainly include a variety of fruits and vegetables.Through Eating large amounts of plant foods a woman of mature age, suffering from bulimia easier reach satiety, but avoid excessive calorie intake in the body.

4. As a result of the course of treatment for bulimia and correction set of products for the diet woman still be able to return to a normal diet for a rapid disposal of excess fat is desirable to sign up for training in any sports or fitness club.Despite the fact that physical activity increases energy consumption by the body to increase calorie intake in the presence of bulimia formed when overweight should not be, because this created a "deficit" of energy will cause your body to break down fat molecules with the aim to make up for the lack of calories exercising.

Another important point on which attention should be paid to women of mature age, trying to quickly get rid of the effects of bulimia - a regularity compliance with diet and training visits.Remember that maintaining an active lifestyle and constant compliance with the rules of a balanced diet will help to increase consumption of calories the body, and thus will contribute to the "burning" of fat and body shaping, returning lost during the development of bulimia attractiveness to the opposite sex.