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Prohibited food additives

What is E?

Food additives E - are substances of natural or synthetic origin, which is added to food during production to give a product a certain color, aroma, taste, texture and even prolong their shelf life.

Until 1953, the composition of the products described in full: the labels painted a huge long name components, which occupied a lot of space.Therefore, in 1953 in Europe, these products were "encrypted" by the letter "E" with a code number for each substance.

most often used in food additives as preservatives, color, flavor, aroma.Preservatives are added to foods preserved much longer than usual, and thus prevent them from rotting and infection by bacteria.

Amplifiers of taste, aroma and color are intended to become tasteless tasty products.

Dangerous supplements

Whatever painted attractiveness of food additives, their damage is huge, and it's not just words - various studies have been carried out by scientists.

There are safe for health, suspicious, dangerous, carcinogenic and banned

supplements.Briefly to tell you about them.

about the safety we will say only that the flow of excessive amounts with food will lead to undesirable consequences.For example, citric acid can lead to disorders and diseases in the digestive tract.The same thing can happen with uncontrolled use of vinegar.

carcinogenic additives speak for themselves.Their use can lead to intestinal disorders.The additives E226, E221-224 and E211-213.Antioxidants E338 - E341 can not "eat" the people who have a sick stomach.

carbonated beverage, colored cream, candy using such dyes as E171-173, which can lead to liver and kidney diseases.

canned jams, fruit, mushrooms, juice add preservatives E240, E210-211, E213 - E217, which can trigger the growth of malignant tumors.

There are several colors, such as the E103, E105, E121, E123, E125, E126, E130, E131, E142, E153, which, when used in high concentrations can lead to the formation of tumor malignancy.

additives E311 - E313, which are antioxidants, may contribute to a variety of gastrointestinal diseases.They are used for making chocolate, sausages, butter, yogurt and other fermented milk products.

E221 - E226 - are preservatives, which are used in any canning.If you frequently ingested, they can cause gastrointestinal disease.

But preservatives E 239 and E 230 - E232 may cause a variety of allergic reactions.

set of additives E 407, E 450, E 447, so often "living" in the condensed milk, jam, chocolate and cheese, jams, are stabilizers, thickeners and quite dangerous, as much harm to the kidneys and liver.

E461-E466 are also thickeners and preservatives, but the result of their use - problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The group includes such dubious food additives as E141, E477, E171, E122, E241, E104, E150 and E173, so we need them to be extremely careful.

a very dangerous food additives include such as the E513, E123, E527 and E510, but unfortunately, they are still used in the preparation of food.

But formaldehyde (E 240), red aramant (E123) and citrus red dye (E 121) is so harmful to the human body that are prohibited in the manufacture of products.

Know prohibited food ingredients is very important that when buying a product to protect yourself and your family from unwanted consequences.

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