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How to keep fresh cabbage

How to keep fresh cabbage in winter?
Cabbage is indispensable for the human body.There are many variations of canning and cooking cabbage and ways to keep this useful product is fresh.If you want to keep fresh cabbage, it is necessary, as late as possible to remove from the beds, even before the severe frosts come.

To do this, select the most elastic and dense heads of cabbage, which have no external damage.Light cobs, leaves which are not located close to each other quickly spoiled and therefore not suitable for long term storage.If the leaves are not flush against the surface of head, they must be removed.If possible, leave a few heads of cabbage on the green leaves.The main function of these leaves is the protection of valuable white leaves from the negative impact of the environment storage.

cobs cut at the base of head, it should not serve more than one centimeter.Prepare the cabbage and tightly put cabbage in 3 layers, wrapped in film for packaging consumer products.Convenient film width of 30

or 40 cm. Before laying for storage of vegetables, they must be within a few hours to dry.Then lower the cabbage in the cellar.There are not any special requirements for placement in the cellar of heads.They can be expanded using existing shelves or suspended in grids.

optimum temperature for storage of cabbage, it is believed the temperature from + 1 ° to + 5 degrees, so it is less likely undergo decay, and not lose their useful properties.Depending on the area of ​​the underground cellars, or you can select the appropriate option for the storage of cabbage.An effective method is considered when the cabbages hung upside down from the top with green leaves and cobs left roots.

can pour a little into the basement dry sand and into the makeshift "flower bed" Stumpy down to plant cabbages, at some distance from each other.These methods are available at the right temperature and good ventilation suitable for long-term storage of vegetables.

Once a month, inspect the cabbage, and remove the top decayed leaves, to prevent, to the lesion has spread to the whole head.Once removed damaged leaves, cabbage-wrapped and put back into storage.If several layers of soured cabbage, the more it is not necessary to keep a head, but simply remove damaged leaves, wash the head and can be used as food.Spring cabbage inspection procedure and its rejection, prodelyvat need at least 2 times a month.

observing storage conditions, cabbage can remain fresh throughout the year until the next harvest.For long-term storage of late cabbage varieties suitable.Cabbage can not be stored, if the upper leaves frostbitten.

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