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Man is what he eats?

Where does the immune system?

With regular violation of the rules of healthy eating can cause problems with digestion.First - a little discomfort during or after a meal, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach;then - indigestion, nausea, suddenly drove.It is possible that these symptoms indicate intestinal dysbiosis - an unpleasant condition that develops due to various reasons, one of which is an error in the diet.Its essence lies in the fact that the normal intestinal microflora gradually replaced by a pathological and pathogenic.In this case, adjust the intestinal background using preparations of probiotics, such as Linex, etc.It is better to do it at the first sign of discomfort, without waiting for the pathogens invade the intestine.In this case, the possibility of more serious health problems, until the decline of immunity, as about 80% of the substances responsible for the correct functioning of the immune system, it is produced in the gut!


is important for the prevention of diges
tive problems, and health in general, and that is exactly how you prepare the dishes: roast, simmer, stew, baked or steamed or grilled.People who are watching their health, know that fried harmful to the body.During the so-called stable frying fats are transformed into trans fats, which are a threat to the cardiovascular system and may be carcinogenic.During frying oils absolute majority decomposed into chemical compounds which may lead to the development of degenerative neurological disorders, as well as increased risk of cancer.In addition, harmful substances are volatile aldehydes, i.e. during cooking they rise into the air, into the respiratory tract of man.If the oil has been used, it can not be used again, as the re-heated oil contains a large concentration of aldehydes.
Of course, we will not argue that once eaten a piece of grilled meat will cause irreparable harm to the body.However, if you like fried food, you should consider how to minimize the damage to her body.The easiest way out - eliminate the use of oil.But ... what if this roast meat, fish, vegetables, do not yield the embers?The answer is simple: use the dishes like Zepter, specially designed for cooking in its own juices, without adding oil.Meals are prepared in such a container, you can save a maximum of nutrients and natural flavor products.For the same reason it is possible to minimize the amount of salt during cooking or even stop using it.Try to cook your favorite dish on a similar dish - you'll be surprised how strangers can be a true taste of pork chop or fish steak!

In vino veritas?

often accompanied our meal intake of alcoholic beverages.The reason for the libations can be festive meal, business meeting, a friendly meeting, and just desire to relax after a busy day.We will not, like the Ministry of Health, warned about the dangers of alcohol.Small amounts of alcohol can even be beneficial to health.So, drinking a glass of dry red wine every day, you reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, normalize blood glucose, etc.
Unfortunately, few limited to one glass of wine.If the morning implications parties reflected not the best way for health status, it makes sense to resort to means-tested like Alka-Seltzer to headache, thirst, discomfort, did not violate your plans for the new day.
summary, note: the wisdom of the old "Man is what he eats" has not lost relevance today.If we expand the number of its boundaries and say, "Man is what he eats, drinks, and how he does it," it is possible to significantly improve the state of health - and overall quality of life.