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The undeniable benefits of porridge

You know, do you think that the constant use of cereal for breakfast is very good effect on our mood all day?Moreover, fiber and B vitamins, which are part of the grain, protects our nervous system from everyday stress, and as a consequence, support the immune system at a high level.As we can see, on the face of the three plus the use of cereals - a great mood, superstability to stress and strong immunity.Oh yeah, I forgot to tell that all the cereals rich in complex carbohydrates that are digested properly, ieslowly, without insulin "outpouring."It is very well shown in the figure, it does not affect the weight, and generally makes you very hardy.

Scientists have shown that if we want to be healthy, in addition to all the other "normal" factors, our body well, just need to get 30-40 grams.fiber, whereas the average citizen of our country consumes about 8-12 grams.The healing tissue in the largest amounts in cereals, fruits and vegetables.Want to build your health - eat cereal with fruit, with steamed o
r fresh vegetables.

Also pay attention to the following information: fiber has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, it stimulates the bowels and helps to eliminate unwanted substances from the body.Also pay attention to the bran, which is utilized in the bakeries, and a small part allowed for sale.But think if we all of a sudden started to use the bran, the deposit they would then do not start up, and went on sale in our shops, and bring invaluable benefits to human health.After bran is unique in its composition, asis a mega-product content of fiber, B vitamins and macro-and micronutrients.

They are very positive effect on the gastro-intestinal tract, the microflora of the stomach.Bring refinement, bran - is the most valuable part of the cereal that magically affects health.No wonder during fasts, many notice a significant improvement in health, because the emphasis in post is on cereals.

Have you ever thought about what used to be strong, healthy and hardy Russian people.The Russian people are afraid of the world, about dyuzhey their strength was legendary.The answer is simple - a large amount of cereals in the diet made them invincible.And what now?Unfortunately, most of the Russians gets breakfast sandwiches bleached devoid of fiber and good bread, in addition to a sandwich often be suspicious quality sausage or cheese, the production of which have not meet any state standards.

In this regard, the body suffer confirmed by stress, illness, i.e.quality of life is greatly reduced, and, in principle, the feeling of life is lost.That's corny we depend on what we eat.

Good all health and love of porridge!

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