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Andrei soft, biography and personal life

What can we tell you about Andrew Myagkova, biographies and personal life?Andrew was born on the eighth July 1938.Born in Leningrad Miagkov.As the biography of the actor, his father was a professor at the Polytechnic Institute.When Andrew was in high school, he was very interested in the exact sciences, different techniques.Apparently, this talent Miagkov received from his father.Yet, his life as a person engaged in the technique and has not developed.Life is turned in the other direction.And it was that Andrew became interested in theater and began to walk in the drama club.He is very fond of this life and the role he could perform.After that, Andrew and appeared personal dream - to become an actor.Yet, initially, he did not dare to enter the theater.The guy decided to choose the same profession, which his father owned, and entered the Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technology.After graduation, the guy went to the Institute of plastics, and this is where the fate prepared for him a great gift.

While teachers from drama school Nemirovich-Danchenko decided to go to Leningrad to see if there is a talented young people who are willing and able to play in the theater.Miagkov thought about what his personal dream and decided to go for an audition.He expected a lot, but not that of his teachers, even without waiting and immediately take in school.It really was a lucky chance, a gift of fate, from which you can not refuse.Therefore, soft, without hesitation, he left his job and went to Moscow.There he graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School and went to work in the theater "Contemporary".Surprisingly, theatrical career Myagkova began almost simultaneously with work in film.I saw him on stage and invited to the first part of his life.He made his debut and all noted that the young man is really talented.Then Myagkova offered to star in "The Brothers Karamazov."Frankly, the young actor was very upset because he had to play with such recognized artists as Ulyanov.Lavrov Adoskin.However, thanks to his talent, Andrew cope with the role and received praise from the already known and loved by the people of the artists.But still, soft always considered myself a theater actor.He especially did not pursue fame, though glad his best works.By the way, he might be glorified before, if played in the movie "Big Break", but it is not approved for the role.Soft strong because this was not upset and returned to the theater to embody on stage favorite characters.

This lasted until 1975.Eldar Ryazanov at the time, and has already created a play and the script of the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!".Here are just could not pick an actor who would be perfectly suited for the lead role.Lukashina tried to play many famous and talented artists, but they could not get it exactly the way he saw Ryazanov.Until such time as the director's wife, Natalia Korenev not offered for this role Myagkova.They were good friends, and she was sure that it will fit for this role.When Eldar Ryazanov Myagkova saw in this role, he no longer doubted that the best performer as Zhenya Lukashin he would never find.Therefore Myagkova immediately approved and started shooting, which were completed in the summer of 1975.And on New Year's Eve all saw an amazing, funny story of love Zhenya Lukashin and Nadi.This film won the hearts of all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union.He is so fond of all that it was repeated a month after the first show.And so on Soviet television it is extremely rare.Then Myagkova began to learn everything."Irony of Fate" has turned into the film, without which does not pass any New Year.Thirty-six years, we all know by heart, every phrase of heroes, each a dialogue, but still re-turn on the TV and see this film, because without it on New Year's something missing.

Miagkov Although he is not particularly fond of his popularity because of this film.At first he could not even get used to it and then became angry because of the fact that it has always been associated and is associated primarily with Zhenya Lukashin.

But, nevertheless, a popular mild steel, and Ryazanov started shooting his almost all his paintings.Of course, this "Office Romance" and "Garage" and a great drama "Cruel Romance".All roles Myagkova were quite diverse, but he was able to bring them to life, so that everyone believed him.We believed in his love, to experience, in his tragedy, all of what he said on television.People have always loved comedy and other movies with that actor.

But still, in the end, the soft back of the theater.In the late eighties, he completely withdrew from the cinema and devoted all his time playing on stage.Over the years Miagkov managed to play lots of different roles.He realized that it was theatrical life for it is very close.

on the screen, he appeared only in the continuation of "Twist of Fate".By the way, Miagkov wrote it.More specifically, the original version, which generally does not like what we had seen on the screen.And though Miagkov starred in the film, he says that all that he did not write, and the basis for the film took only an idea - a story about the children of the protagonists.

As for his personal life Myagkova, that for many years he lives happily married to Anastasia Ascension.They married in 1964, and today considered one of the most robust and ideal couples among the actors.So, we can say that the soft lives a quiet and happy life, he plays in the theater, giving joy to his faithful fans.