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Brief biography of Faina Ranevskaya

But, nevertheless, try to write a short biography of Faina Ranevskaya.Birthday Faina - August 27, old style that was August 15.The birth of Ranevskaya happened in 1886.Biographies of the great and unforgettable actress began in the city of Taganrog.Her short life was not caught fire in a wealthy Jewish family.

Father Ranevskaya were factories that engaged in manufacturing dry colors, a few houses, a shop and even a boat.In Ranevskaya family had many children: two boys and two girls.Unfortunately, the life of his younger brother was brief, and when Faina was five years old, he died.But, despite this, it would seem, in a family biography of the girl should develop happily and cheerfully.However, the same girl was unhappy, even though the fact that it is very fond of my mother, brother and sister.The problem was that the Faina slightly stuttered since childhood.She was very ashamed of this, so do not know how to communicate with their peers.

parents sent her to the women's high school, but she could bare

ly stand it there are three classes.She received neither considered nor write, to communicate with anyone she did not want to.Eventually, she began to beg their parents to take her out.Mom and Dad went to meet the Faina and took her home.Therefore, the girl got home schooling.In addition to studying general subjects, it also engaged in playing musical instruments, singing, studying foreign languages.Faina always loved to read.Books for her was a magical world in which you can escape when everything around is gray and the same too.

For twelve years she had seen his first film.Of course, the cinema of that time is too different from the present, but he struck Ranevskaya.The girl was enthusiastic seen on the screen.Shortly after meeting with cinema Faina realized that she is also very interested in the theater.She started going to the city theater on the play, which played footage of theatrical art of the time.Incidentally, it is worth noting that Ranevskaya - this is not the real name of the actress, and an alias.It was taken from the world famous Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard."Once she was on the road and out of her bag gust issued money.But instead of starting to collect them, she began to laugh and talk about how they fly beautifully.The young man, who was accompanied by Faina, said that at this moment it is very similar to Ranevskaya.Over time, the nickname for her was fixed, and over the years became official.Faina always knew that would be an actress.

first in the family is considered the usual enthusiasm.The father, who did not see sense in this profession, even encouraged her to visit the drama circle, for which she graduated from high school as an external student.But when she spoke about their desires seriously, daddy scandal.Yet, Faina was adamant.That theater helped her to open up, to learn to move gracefully and say so to hide stuttering.Therefore, despite the explicit objection of his father in 1915 Faina insisted on and went to Moscow.Then she was nineteen years old.But, unfortunately, the capital did not take Faina with open arms.She could not do in any of the drama schools.Eventually, she began to study in a private school, but his father did not want to help her financially.A woman alone could not earn enough to pay for education.It would seem that the dream can be forgotten.

But then she caught the eye of actress Geltser.She advised the girl in one of the suburban theaters.Of course, Ranevskaya had to play there in the crowd, but it did not scare her.After all, on stage she could be with such great actors and actresses as Petipa, singers, Sadovskaya.By the way, the singers immediately reviewed in the Faina young talent and said that someday surely come a day when the girl becomes a famous actress.Then he went to play Faina Kerch, however, the play was not a success.The girl had to play in many provincial theaters Kislovodsk, Feodosia, Rostov-on-Don.

Then came the revolution.Family Faina, realizing that in this country it would not be normal, quickly went abroad, leaving the girl all alone.Nobody knows what would have happened to her, if it were not acquainted with Paul Wolfe and Max Voloshin.The three of them were able to survive and become great friends.After the revolution Faina long enough to play in a variety of theaters.But, despite her talent, Faina very long time become a famous actress.In some theaters it did not give good roles, somewhere she had an awkward relationship with management.And then she went to the cinema.Here then began its finest hour.The first film in which she played the movie "Doughnut" turned out so good that he himself praised Romain Rolland.After that Faina was invited to different pictures.But one of the most memorable for us, perhaps, is "The Foundling".After all, the phrase there we so often repeat: "Mulya not nervous about me."Although Ranevskaya very annoyed that all associate it with Moulay, but you must admit that this role made her famous.

Another memorable role - it is the stepmother of Cinderella.But apart from them, Ranevskaya played in many films.She also appeared on the stage of the theater almost to death.This woman was always alone.According to her, she was burned in his youth and did not want to deal with men.Ranevskaya was ambiguous lady.She could tell all in a straight line, to offend, but, at the same time, sincerely repent and apologize.In recognition of the Faina, it was just a job, and she's just jealous of other times.

Faina Until the last day, in spite of myocardial remained alive and mobile.She died of pneumonia before they reach two years before his ninetieth birthday.