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Vladimir Etush: biography, filmography

Who is he, Etush?Vladimir lived that made him become an actor?How did his biography?When he began his filmography?

Vladimir is a native Muscovite.His biography began in the capital.Born Etush sixth in May 1922.By the way, his passport is not the twenty-second and twenty-third year.His father owned a haberdashery production but, during the persecution he was arrested.It was then that the mother had to start working because, before that, she was a housewife.Yet, the current situation has forced a woman to start making bread.The family was lucky because his father was not shot and was released from prison a few years after his arrest.

Etush grew up like all the guys at the time.He studied at the school, helped his mother.When the Great Patriotic War broke out, Man taken to the front.He fought against the invaders, but was injured.He was demobilized, he returned to the capital.Vladimir always dreamed of going to the theater.Love for the theater came to him for a long time.When the boy went to school, yo

u can always be seen on all the evenings performances.Volodya read poems, participated in various productions.But it is worth noting that when it came time to choose a profession, he decided to become an actor does not, as a director.The statement and the creation of new plays and paintings, fascinated him more than a game.While on stage, he was very fond.And if in acting, he was more or less understood, the direction, Volodya did not understand anything.However, this did not stop him.Guy filed documents in GITIS.There, he said, to create a script statement.He did not understand what was wanted of him.The only thing that came to mind Etush - transform Ostrovsky's play "pupil."However, the selection committee was clearly not happy with the reading, and set three Etush.Perhaps Etush would throw the idea of ​​theater education, if not directed by Simon.The fact that Vladimir was friends with his niece, so Simon decided to help the young man.So, Vladimir became a free listener first year Shchukin School.

Second World War found him just when he was studying.First, the guy did not even really knew nothing.Everything happened very quickly and unexpectedly.However, then, in this state it was the entire Soviet Union.For some time, Etush kept trying to learn and go to the theater, but by coming to one view, and saw in the hall just thirteen, he realized that now nobody cares about art.Of course, the histrionics - that's fine.However, when at stake is peace and freedom, people have very different ideas.Therefore, little thought, Etush made his choice and went to the front as a volunteer.He became a military translator and hit the infantry regiment.Etush went almost the entire war.He, along with other soldiers, freed many cities of Ukraine and Russia.Also he participated in the battles that were fought in South Ossetia.For heroism, Vladimir was awarded medals and the Order of the Red Star.Well, how govoil earlier after a hard injury and treatment in hospital, Etush demobilized, he returned to his hometown.After that, Vladimir recovered from injury and returned to his native school, which he graduated from in 1945.After that, he was immediately invited to take the post of a teacher.Of course, it was an interesting exercise.But, in addition, Etush, also wanted to play on stage.That is why, in the same year, Vladimir started performing at the Moscow Vakhtangov Theater.

Vladimir was the amorous young man.But it is worth noting that all the women he loved, he loved dearly and truly.The first wife was Eve.However, in fact, called Woman Ninel.She was the daughter of General artillery troops.The girl did not like the name of Ninel because it meant "Lenin, only in reverse.With this woman Etush first went down the aisle.However, their relationship lasted very long.Soon, Vladimir loved another woman - Elena Izmailov.With this girl Etush lived together without registering relationships, but these relationships are not too long.Then Etush fell in love with Lyudmila Chursin.But she was a student, and Etush was well aware that such a relationship will not lead to anything good.Therefore, he kept himself in hand, and then again by someone keen, until finally met the one that completely changed his life.This woman was his love, his sense of sunshine and happiness.Her name was Nina Kraynova, and it was with her, Etush spent forty-eight years.Their marriage lasted until such time as the beloved actor died.

filmography Etush has many interesting roles.But most of all, he is remembered for his role as friend Saahova, in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus."He also starred in the film "The Gadfly", "summer vacation", "Admiral Ushakov", "President".But all these pictures, no character could not overshadow friend Saahova.It became a national favorite of the entire Soviet people.Etush genuinely happy, that all men are so fond of his character.

But, of course, were his other roles, not less interesting.Even if they are episodic.Thus, for example, the role Shpak, the film "Ivan Vasilievich".Or Karabas-Barabas in "The Adventures of Pinocchio".It is not necessary, too, to forget the role of the engineer Bruns in a film adaptation of "The Twelve Chairs."

So, we can say that Etush always lived life to the fullest.As, however, and now lives.He even managed to marry again.And did not bother him that his wife was under the forty-two years, the main thing to feel young.And this feeling has always Etush.

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