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The most expensive car stars

Machinery Stars of Russian show business.

choosing a car, Russian famous people use the principle: "My car is not worse than the others."What is famous for such luxury cars?

Alla Pugacheva received as gifts from friends cars.The first of these was the Bentley Arnage Prezent donated Kirkorov.This miracle of $ 780,000 made by hand.Huge interior of this masterpiece with wood and leather, as well as equipped with the latest music and video.

second gift was the Rolls-Royce of friends, which cost 500 thousand €.This car could boast an unusually soft seats, two bars and TVs.In addition, there was no storage for concert outfits.

Last cars, gilded Mercedes Pullman, Diva handed Luzhkov birthday.This lady like a present, and the other - no;they were sold.

Hammer Ultra Renkarnaton length of 11 meters belongs Philip Kirkorov .White leather interior this property is inlaid with mother of pearl, and the ceiling is made of mirrors.There are couches, cots and a separate room for the guards.

now the first car owner is going to be replaced by Ultra EyPi, which was engaged in a military manufacturing plant in the United States.This purchase will reach 15 meters and will cost $ 500 thousand!

Nikolai Baskov is one of a kind eight-meter Bentley limousine.Seats are soft with armrests made of ivory.There is music in the car electronics, television and theater.The steering wheel is gilded!

wonder Transportation Kirkorov and Baskov - whole house or even castles!

Porsche Cayenne like Valery Leontiev and many others. Timothy , for example, drives a Porsche Cayenne Turbo sports.

Zhanna Friske, Christina Aguilera, Valery Meladze, Boris Moiseyev and not only to them liking Mercedes C Class and 5. Yes, ka you see is definitely expensive cars!

Expensive cars Western celebrities.

picking up his trucks, western stars of care primarily about their comfort, so these cars are different utility and functionality, not a luxury.Furthermore, in recent years, according to the characteristics of joined environmental cleanliness.

Singer Madonna chose a simple Mini Cooper and actor Tom Cruise - Range Rover.Johnny Depp approached BMW A8 as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hammer Ash2.

Brad Pitt and Amy Whitehouse drive a BMW Hydrogen 7 as Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio - in the Toyota Prius.These two kinds of cars are sustainable.

In the West, too, there are stars with a fondness for glamor and glitter.These individuals include benchmarks, new celebrities and footballers, with the first of them often boast Ferrari.

Well let's see what places these individuals occupy in the ranking of most expensive cars!

1. Maybach Ekselero belongs vielbein Jay-Z and costs $ 8 million.

2. The frame holds Birdman Bugatti Veyron 16. 4, which is worth $ 2 million milliona100.

3. Simon Cowell also has a Bugatti Veyron worth 1.7 million $.

4. comedian Jerry Seinfeld owns a Porsche 959 worth $ 700 thousand.Because of the compatibility with international standards on this car ride actor banned!

5. Nicolas Cage boasts of Enzo Ferrari.This car is worth $ 670,000 and is incredibly fast.

6. Jay Leno, talk show host, belongs to the Mercedes SLR McLaren, which costs $ 450 thousand.

7. Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio David Beckham is worth $ 407,000.

8. Reper P. Diddy prepodnёs his son on the sixteenth Maybach for $ 360 thousand.

9. Bentley Continental socialite Paris Hilton will draw on the $ 285,000.This machine has a pink color and is decorated with the monogram of the brand name of his mistress.This is a perfect gift girl made herself for Christmas in 2000.

10. Actress Kim Kardashian is the mistress of the Ferrari 430 value 186 000 925 $.

Let's talk about those vehicles that are not included in the rating, but deserve our attention.

Britney Spears has a whole collection of machines: snow-white Mercedes SL500, silver Ferrari, Porsche 356A Speedster (made in 1956).And Paris Hilton had earlier Mercedes McLaren SLR, which got rid of the fact that it is difficult to open the door.

Forward "Manchester United" drives a Lamborghini Gallardo, a French footballer Thierry Henry - by Aston Martin.A car Audi R8 is the property of Christiano Ronaldo.