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Biography Arkady Raikin

What we know about the interesting biography of Arkady Raikin?Born Arcadia - twenty-fourth October 1911.When the boy was born, the family lived in Riga Raikin.Biography future actor began in the family forest grader, who has worked at the Riga port and ordinary housewife.Arcadia taken away from Riga in the early twenties.That's when parents Raikin moved to Petrograd and settled with relatives.Biography Arkady noted that even at that age, he not only attended high school, but also attended classes in drama club.By the way, this circle led by the father of the famous Sergei Jurassic - Yuri Jurassic.It should be noted that since early childhood, Theatre for Raikin became almost an obsession.He always went to the State Academic Drama Theatre.Of course, the ticket it is not always enough, but the guy has found a way out.He sold books and notebooks.This way out Raikin father did not like, and he often flogged his son for such behavior.And Arkady never cried.He endured, and then re-extracted in this way money

on the theater and attended the presentation of the submission.He often went there that, in the end, inspectors be remembered, always, when given the opportunity, they missed the boy free.They admired this love of the theater and are very fond of Arcadia for his dedication to the arts.

first step toward dream

When Arkady decided what exactly will be the actor in the family did not approve of his choice.He broke a terrible scandal.The father flatly refused to accept the choice of his son and all ended up Arkady just left.Of course, parents are financially it did not help, so they had to earn a living.To do this, Arkady went to work as a laboratory assistant at the chemical plant.Once he gained the necessary experience and little money, the guy went to enter the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts at the director-actor's course.Directed course wonderful teacher Vladimir Solovyev.Already during training Arkady began to go on stage.Although almost all of the numbers he did for the children already Raikin talent was spotted and he became popular in certain circles.When Arkady graduated, and it happened in 1925, he began working at the Leningrad Theater of Working Youth.He liked to go on stage, but still, Arkady soon realized that his true calling is the only pop music and pop music.Of course, fame did not immediately come to the young man.This happened more than ten years after graduation.Namely, in 1939.Then Arkady won the first All-Union competition entertainers.Its rooms "Chaplin" and "Bear" earned recognition from the audience and the jury.Following this success, we invited Raikin in Leningrad Variety Theater.Arkady began to speak with their own numbers, and then landed the role of master of ceremonies.Everyone who came to the presentation, admired talented artist.Soon came true love Arcadia audience and popularity.He was able to transform into any character, amuse and entertain people.Throughout his life, he shone.That's why when Raikin and his theater decided to move to Moscow, Brezhnev helped them in this.That is why today in the capital, there is a theater of miniatures called "Theatre named after Raikin."


course, Arkady Raikin was not the only entertainer actor.It could also be far more than once to see in the paintings of Soviet cinema.Incidentally, it is worth noting that the cinema was always interested in Arcadia at least Estrada.His first film was released in rolled in 1939.It was the lyric drama "Doctor Kalyuzhny."Then Arkady began to invite other small roles in the movies.Yet, while the actor was not able to become popular in the film and was disappointed in him for some time.He devoted all his time and all his talent platform until you hit on the set of the film "Valery Chkalov".It was after this role, which has become a successful and memorable, the actor returned to the cinema.Basically Raikin played satirical comedy or musical film in which, apart from him, was attended by various popular actors of music.Also, through the years, his own characters have found their place in the television series "People and mannequins."His Arkady Raikin starred with director Victor Khramov.Meter Soviet music he wrote fully to all series of the show.On the roles were invited such famous actors and actresses like Lyudmila Gvozdikova, Maxim Maximov, Natalya Solovyova, Olga Malozemova.Another role Arkady Raikin was the role in the television drama "Peace to Your Home".This picture was directed Arkady himself.The film was released in 1987.

little about personal ...

If we talk about the personal life of the actor, it was a happy and bright.With his wife Rufina Arkady met yet and in 1935.He invited the girl to the movies, and immediately asked her to marry.And she agreed.Perhaps, for the youth of today such hasty decisions are very strange, but nevertheless, the marriage lasted half a century.Raikin a son Constantine, who inherited his father's talent.He became a well-known actor of our time, so Arkady Raikin always be proud of her son.

Arkady Raikin always been surprisingly charming and nice person.He was able to understand people with high intelligence, but never let anyone hurt and humiliated.He was loved and appreciated.Audiences adored Raikin.When he went on his last tour in the United States, all immigrants from the Soviet Union, a standing ovation and cried, because they realized that they no longer be able to see this amazing actor alive.Died Arkady Raikin twentieth December 1987.

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