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Folk remedies - how to quit smoking?

From the house you need to remove objects that remind us of smoking: cigarette lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes.From nicotine can help you overcome the dependence of the following products containing nicotinic acid: bread, peanuts, beans, peas, eggs and potatoes.

If there is a strong desire to smoke, try to rinse your mouth with infusion of herbs: Take a teaspoon of crushed sweet flag root and mix with two teaspoons of peppermint.Zasyplem this mixture in a thermos, fill with, a glass of boiled water and will insist one hour then drain.

Relieve nicotine dependence infusion of herbs: Mix 100 grams of millet, rye, oats and rye.Fill a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes.Then Spill infusion in a thermos, hold one day and drain.Take half a cup of infusion, three to five times a day.

People who have lost their usual cigarettes for yourself, do not sleep, become irritable.In order to facilitate weaning and reduce all unpleasant symptoms will help infusion of herbs.Mix in equal proportions: grass, pepperm

int, chamomile flowers, fennel, caraway fruit, chopped valerian root drug.A tablespoon of this collection fill with half a liter of boiling water, let stand for two to three hours, then drain.In a glass infusion add a teaspoon of honey and taken twice a day 1 hour before meal.

will help to overcome the desire to drag on a cigarette, a lot of plants.It - aboveground part of milfoil, eucalyptus leaves, sweet flag root.When the desire to smoke a cigarette becomes unbearable, can distract a handful of pumpkin seeds, they should be always at hand.Thorough chewing sunflower seeds will help to cope with nicotine dependence, provided that you are determined to put an end to this bad habit.

Quitting smoking - it's just
to quit smoking, it is necessary that it was the desire of the smoker.
What do you need?
- We place the tobacco on the day next to the copper sulfate.When you smoke a cigarette, it will disgust.

- Take one tablespoon of oats and fill the night before his 2 cups of water.In the morning boil for 10 minutes, insist 45 minutes, drain, and we drink like tea.This tool is able to suppress the addiction to tobacco.

- If there is a desire to smoke pozhuem piece of sweet flag root, slice the pod prickly acacia sprig of wild cherry, a slice of canned pineapple.

- Take the vial from the validol.We will not wash out the bubble, it will leave a few drops of medicine.Tighten the cigarette and blew smoke into the vial, tightly close the lid.The bubble is formed on the walls of a yellowish coating (a mixture of tobacco smoke and validol).A few days later, repeat the procedure.Wear a vial of this as soon as we want to smoke, open the vial and sniffed.Immediately rashochetsya smoking.

is possible with a simple massage to reduce the craving for smoking to a minimum.Massage can be done in any position - lying, sitting or standing.The main condition to have no distractions, and that you be relaxed.

Take your index finger and felt a slight indentation, which is located in the center of the neck below the thyroid gland, at a distance of three fingers on your collarbone.This point of the Chinese call "ex-hub."If we are to put pressure on this point, there will be pain, so we found this spot.So if we are going to work on this point, it will help us to cope with addiction to tobacco, as well as shortness of breath, cough, which often happens to those who quit smoking.The body of the former smoker, so trying, cleansed of accumulated harmful substances.When

wanted to smoke, put on a special point of the tip of the index finger.From this point we will not take your finger and make it a circular motion, gently apply pressure and move the skin in such a rhythm two revolutions per second.The duration of the massage one minute.

After the massage this point, "the ex-hub" rhythmically biting teeth tip of the tongue, about twenty seconds.This exercise helps to cope well with thirst.

when a person wants to smoke, then his hands reach for a cigarette.It's like a conditioned reflex, the smoker after a certain time you need something to hold in their hands.Loan hand some useful exercise.

well be fingering, roll in his hands, the Chinese "balls for the health," or a few walnuts.Chinese "balls to health" can be purchased in the gift department store.They can come and wooden any balls.Try to touch the ball two fingers, first one hand and then the other.Then Roll the them if clamp between his palms.

then make turns thumbs rubbing your hands.Kneads "pad" on the palm, first at the base of the thumb, then pomassiruem it at the base of the nail.After the massage blown palm.The doctors of the Ancient East said that with all the respiratory system and lung health associated thumb.

can quit smoking
Take 200 grams of oatmeal, cereal zasyplem them in a pot.Groats wash out with cold water, it must be four liters.Let the content of the pan for four hours to soak the rump.Once the porridge boils reduce the heat, and occasionally interfering with its cooking time, lift the lid to drop trickled down into the pan.The resulting broth to cool, and without straining, pour it into a 3-liter jar and then refrigerate the broth.We are taking it to 100 grams, 3 times a day for an hour before eating or one hour after a meal.

course of treatment - 1 month, and if does not help, you need to repeat the treatment.This recipe can be adopted, and believe me, you will succeed.Why is this so the broth is able to act.The fact is that the complex biochemical effects of oatmeal on the human body, and then the dependence to nicotine is reduced.It is important to realize the importance of a smoker this procedure.Tobacco must consciously reject, plus broth and then success will be provided to you.For a taste you can add to each portion of a teaspoon of sugar or honey, harm from it will not.It takes three times a day to brew 200 grams of oatmeal, boiled in the need to remove the foam, then you do not flood the plate.

Now you know the folk remedies to quit smoking.Follow these simple tips and maybe you will succeed and if you can quit.

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