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Treatment of female diseases leeches

Any woman knows that advanced disease in this area can lead to very dangerous consequences, and looking for an effective, safe way to banish disease.

After visiting the doctor would be in the hands of the patient list of medications - a variety of hormones, which are usually carried out by the treatment of female diseases.But unfortunately, not all of them are safe for the body - guard numerous side effects.Aimed at eliminating one problem of the body, drugs are often adversely affect its other functions - hence there are such undesirable effects, like hair loss, obesity and so on.

Therefore, the very latest medicines have to be treated with suspicion.Fortunately, there is much more safe and proven way to get rid of the disease and improve the body.To avoid receiving hormonal therapy and, in some cases, surgery can help girudoterapiya.

This method is used to treat people a few millennia ago.Leech therapy involves the use of medicinal leeches as living syringe with the saliva of leeches on the body has

a beneficial effect.Method girudoterapii refers to traditional medicine, which finds wide application in the modern world - because its action is checked for centuries.Treatment with leeches does not carry any side effects.

Operating principle girudoterapii researchers found only recently.When the leech bite secret leech saliva biologically active compounds into the blood.Saliva contains hirudin destabilase and other substances, including analgesic and antibacterial.It is they who are responsible for the analgesic, thrombolytic, immune-stimulating, vasodilatory, anti-hypoxic, anti-inflammatory, and many other beneficial effects for the body.

In addition, the use of medicinal leeches will offload the circulatory system, restore microcirculation in the area of ​​the lesion.It has an overall effect on the body reflex - leech is sensitive to electromagnetic and infrared radiation, and therefore clings only to the biologically active points.These amazing features give cause treatment of diseases affecting women leeches preference over other methods.

With girudoterapii can be treated quite a few women's diseases.Leeches help in various inflammations of the pelvic organs, including chronic inflammation of appendages and uterus, ovarian cysts, cervical erosion, mastitis, coleitis, endometriosis, Options, uterine fibroids, salpingo, adenomyosis.Leech therapy is also indicated for women with menstrual irregularities;It is used to restore the body after an abortion as a means of preventing adhesions.Furthermore, the medicinal leech has been successfully applied in certain types of infertility.

Gynecological diseases rarely exist by themselves - they are usually accompanied by some other ailment.Provoke and support women's diseases can various neuroses, abnormal liver function, thyroid, chronic gastritis and other disorders of the body.These additional diseases and should not be ignored - they need to be addressed.Treatment of female diseases leeches is well suited for this task.After hirudotherapy has a healing and tonic effect not only on a specific area, but also on the whole body.

beneficial effects of treatment with leeches can be felt after the first session.

physiologically active substances secreted by leech in human blood, relieve pain, itching and swelling around the affected area, eliminate the discomfort, the temperature normalizes.The general state of health and the patient's mood is improving: in response to a small loss of lymph and blood body releases endorphins, which provides a mild euphoria.Patient during the session is in the supine position.Desirably, the skin was not treated with odorous substances, such as cream, deodorant, perfume soaps - leech sensitive to odors.The procedure itself is virtually painless - the bite of the leech is not stronger than a mosquito - and lasts about an hour.Typically, there is no leech itself after the desired time.

blood after the session should not be stopped, and will not work - in the saliva of leeches contains a substance that prevents blood clotting.Healing time bite each person individually.A small amount of lymph and blood from the wound for two days - the normal phenomenon, although many patients are showing concern about this.At this time, it is recommended to close the bite absorbent bandage for this purpose and will suit the usual feminine pads.

best to avoid mechanical irritation of the wound to heal it - do not take a shower

not comb.However, the trace of the leech disappears fairly quickly and does not require additional processing antiseptic and healing agent.

Treatment with leeches gives no side effects - but there are contraindications.This procedure is prohibited for people suffering from cancer and hemophilia, and pregnant women.People with low blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, severe mental disorders and allergies should refrain from girudoterapii.There's also idiosyncrasy.Be sure to consult with a specialist about contra - only a doctor can accurately determine whether to treat.Usually

session girudoterapii held every 2 or 3 days.Number of visits need to be discussed with your doctor.

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