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Buy Bach flower essences

On the application of flower essences to help people in the emotional problems began to speak Edward Bach in the early last century.He studied medicine, but could not get an answer to a question about the root cause of diseases.As well as not found any information about the emotional imbalance person.After the death of his wife, he soon fell seriously ill himself.Colleagues-doctors dosed Edward only three months of life.With remarkable insight, Bach empirically discovered amazing things.It turns out that many flowers are endowed with energy, which is very close to the one that radiate people with positive emotions.Energy some colors easily replace negative emotions into positive person.For example, the flowers help to find the courage and self-confidence person experiencing constant fear.A wicked and cranky converted into good-natured.

Dr. Bach one of the first discovered the connection between emotions and physical illness.All the emotions he classified into seven main categories.Next allocated 38 neg

ative manifestations of feelings, each of which took floral medicines - "antidote".All these funds helped to balance emotional and spiritual peace, leading to gradual healing due to the fact that the body returns to a state of harmony with itself.Flower Essences act as catalysts to speed recovery.

Flower essences contain higher than homeopathic remedies, the concentration of vitality and energy have the property of "pure consciousness."With its subtle qualities of vibration essences during the treatment to effectively interact with the chakras and increase their influence on the physical body.The raw material for the manufacture of essences, or rather the "source information" are the only flowers the plants, because it is concentrated in the flower all the life force of plants.Of course, from a scientific point of view, the effect of flower essences Bach studied enough.But the fact remains - this method really works!Let us remember, once homeopathy traditional medicine also does not complain.And now it is recognized around the world.The same can be said about Eastern medicine - when something is not recognized, and now very popular and effective.

There are two ways to prepare Bach flower essences:

Sunny method. It is suitable only for transferring information from flowers with a strong energy (20 plants, flowering in mid-summer).You will need: flowers;Mineral water without gas (can be from a spring or rain);brandy (cognac, whiskey);appliances;glass jar with 250 ml;bottles at 30 ml and 25 ml;paper filters;funnel.On a sunny day at 9 o'clock in the morning go to the flower, along with a half-filled with water to 250 ml.With leaves of the same plant flowers and tear, without touching the hands to the water, place them on the surface so that they are slightly moistened.Leave the jar in the sun next to the plant for 3 hours.Remove the flowers (leaves, not your hands) and clean water with a paper filter.Add the same amount of container brandy.Shake for 2 minutes and keep a sealed container for 48 hours.This concentrate which can be used for years.To subsequently use the essences to the destination, take a pre-sterilized bottle of 30 ml with 40% brandy, to transfer 2 drops of concentrate - is the main solution. It is used for drug solution: a bottle (25-30 ml) was filled with water to add 2 drops of the stock solution and 1 teaspoon of brandy.

boiling method. It is suitable for flowers with weaker energy (spring flowering shrubs 18).Flowers boil for 30 minutes, cool, filter and add the same amount of brandy.The subsequent steps are identical to solar cooking method.

correct dose: for daily use Bach flower essences drug solution - 2 drops on the tongue 4 times a day.4-7 drops of the solution can be in a glass of water during the day and his drink.Those sensitive to alcohol, may be applied on a wrist essences (2 drops four times a day).It can be applied to energy points (as in oriental medicine) and chakras, add soap, lotions and massage oils used in humidifiers and spray to grease your hands before starting work, and so on.You'd be surprised, but these funds are extremely useful to our pets.Particularly sensitive to them dogs and cats, which with the help of a certain flower essences can also be cured.For this smear legs, ears, nose mirror, or lips.

Guided by the recommendations of Dr. Bach, select your "The Scarlet Flower".

- from sensitive to external factors will help the following plants: Agrimony (Agrimony) - hidden under a mask of anguish "fun." centaury (Centaury) - weakness, inability to say "no."

- indecision and doubt will Grab (Horn beam) - mental and emotional fatigue, a sense of "Monday morning."Wild Oat (Wild oat) - uncertainty in the choice of way of life, a sense of worthlessness.

- from fear: Sunflower (Rock rose) - terrors, nightmares, anxiety, panic. Vishnesliva (Cherry plum) - suicide attacks, bedwetting children. Mimulus (Mimulus) - fear of crowds, solitude, death.

- a reluctance to live 'today »: Clematis (Clematis) - drowsiness, lack of interest in the present life in a dream world. Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle) - Life in the past. Olive (Olive) - the physical exhaustion after illness, lack of vigor. Mustard (Mustard) - discouraged for no reason, mood swings, depression.

- loneliness: Water violet (Water violet) - a sense of pride, alienation. Heather (Heather) - self-centeredness, the involvement of others in their problems.

- For those who suffer for others: Chicory (Chicory) - need a lot of attention to themselves. Verbena (Vervain) - excessive enthusiasm, hyperactivity, over-enthusiastic. Vine (Vine) - inflexibility. Beech (Beech) - intolerance, an acute response to minor problems.

- from despair: Larch (Larch) - low self-esteem, lack of confidence. Willow (Willow) - envy. wild apple (Crab Apple) - a dislike to him, a sense of shame. Pine (Pine) - a frustration, a sense of guilt.

mixture of 5 essences: sunflower, vishneslivy, clematis, impatiens, ornithogalum - used in emergency situations caused by the strong shock, stress, difficult life shocks.It stabilizes emotions.

If you do not have time to collect the flowers themselves, and insist they can be purchased at specialty stores.Having bought Bach flower essence, you get rid of mental suffering and enhance the mood, not only themselves, but also your family.After all, they want to see you happy!

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