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Treatment of high blood pressure

It is worth remembering that the treatment of hypertension is necessary, first of all, to start with non-drug methods of influence on uvelichennoearterialnoe pressure.These methods include the following:

  1. When overweight need to throw lishniekilogrammy;
  2. significantly reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages.Predstavitelnitsamslabogo floor per day allowed to drink no more than 350 milliliters of beer, vodka 35millilitrov or 150 milliliters of wine;
  3. noticeably increase physical activity.By fizicheskoyaktivnosti should definitely include walking 30-45 minutes is not less than 4 days vnedelyu;
  4. markedly restrict entry into the body of sodium.In sutkirekomendovano eat no more than 6 grams of salt;
  5. sure to include in your diet vegetables, fruit and all the products is envisaged in the composition of which necessarily includes magnesium, potassium and calcium;
  6. Quit smoking and reduce consumption of foods bogatyhna cholesterol and animal fats.

The high efficiency of these simple techniques svidete

lstvuyutrezultaty study, which was conducted by American scientists.Kakokazyvaetsya, weight loss, and limit the use of salt allowed in pischupovarennoy is canceled more than 90% of patients, medication for hypertension.Those who wholly followed vsemrekomendatsiyam, blood pressure stabilizirovalos.Plyus everything, people that lose weight and limit yourself to potrebleniipovarennoy salt, to halve the number of heart attacks, stroke, infarction, heart failure and arrhythmias.

By the way, at the time the decision regarding the issue neobhodimostilekarstvennogo treatment must take into account another factor.In bolshinstvalyudey blood pressure above when it is measured in kabinetevracha.This condition is known as "white coat hypertension."This fenomensvyazan with nothing else but with increased nervousness.This is recommended prichinearterialnoe pressure measured at home.Nasegodnyashny day methods of self-measurement accessible to everyone.Eslipokazateli pressure measured normal home, it is likely that chelovekne needs drug treatment.But be that as it may, this voprosnepremenno should be discussed with a specialist.

But give a more detailed question regarding neobhodimostilecheniya possible by means of daily monitoring of blood pressure.The essence egozaklyuchaetsya that attach to the patient monitor that measures the pressure kazhdye10-20 minutes through a simple cuff.All results are recorded and later sutkivrach can get acquainted with the dynamics of changes in the data.Research takogoroda not only solve the problem of the presence or absence of "gipertoniibelogo robe," but it is true to do a better selection of the reception mode lekarstvennyhpreparatov.

The moment chosen treatment recommended izmeryatpuls and pressure at home usloviyahkazhdye 2-3 hours (overnight is excluded).All results must be fixed with Ibra, going to the doctor.The technique is very simple, burdensome and informative.

At present rules for the control of blood davleniemglasyat:

  • Every hypertensive patient should always be dlyaizmereniya blood pressure machine.
  • necessary to closely monitor the accuracy of the instrument and time otvremeni expose its calibration.
  • Blood pressure must be provoditisklyuchitelno shoulder.

Also, indicators of normal pressure for a person to fly 30 to 50 do not differ.Age norms exist only for children.

To what urovnyanuzhno reduce the pressure and how to be a person who has a working davleniesostavlyaet 160/140 mmHgand he does not complain about health?

160/140 mmHgyavlyaetsyaverhney limit of normal.In other words, a "target level arterialnogodavleniya."According to several major international research ponizheniedavleniya to mark the target level significantly reduces the possibility of formirovaniyamozgovogo stroke and myocardial infarction.For those who suffer from diabetes, tselevoyuroven blood pressure below 130/75 mm Hg

Medication for hypertension at the time of raising the pressure is prohibited.Today drugs are taken continuously for compliance are not mekadikamentoznyhmetodov background.Treatment is selected in such a way that cardiovascular sosudistoearterialnoe pressure does not exceed 140 mmHg frame, and during the day was mensherezkih jumps.Upon correctly and properly selected therapy if the jumps occur, they are usually minor.

New drugs that prevent the emergence of pressure

In recent years, the science that studies raised arterialnoedavlenie, went considerably far.Even in the middle of the 90s and the place Adelfan drugihustarevshih combination products kotoryeimeli side effects, changed the medication which contain odnohimicheskoe substance.This, as a rule, it provided a clear and dozirovkulekarstvo forecast of complications and side effects.There were even tabletkis slow during the day release of active substances that vesmaudobny the fact that they can be taken just once a day.

Today still do not cease to develop new forms of drugs, as well as new sposobyvozdeystviya organism hypertensive.Again, it was created already novoytehnologii combined pill and presented as modern and boleebezopasnye drugs.This new product can be divided into two types:

  1. tablets, the active substances which are perfectly combined, thus reinforcing each other's action.These tablets dose komponentovminimizirovany.Such drugs are convenient and easy to use by reducing the dose Iza had significantly fewer side effects.
  2. tablets, which include those components odnovremennovliyayut to several mechanisms of hypertension.All active veschestvazdes found in normal doses.Medications such tipapropisyvayutsya patients whose blood pressure is difficult to treat.

According to international studies, significantly more patients with hypertension treatment vysokayaeffektivnost observed at ispolzovaniikombinirovannyh tablets.

Finally.All of the modern drugs are not vyzyvayutsonlivosti, lethargy and depressed.All of these side effects byliharakternymi signs for drugs that are used are not so davnopri the treatment of hypertension.

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