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Avatar, director James Cameron

Cameron for some time compared with King Midas, who turned into gold everything he touched.Judge for yourself: two of the five captured the film's director - "Titanic" (1997, 11 "Oscars), and" Avatar "(2009) - have become the most cash in the history of world cinema.First it earned $ 1.84 billion at the box office, and the second did and did crushing cash-nearly $ 2.5 billion (and this is only the end of February).Announcing the desire to sci-fi blockbuster sequel, Cameron challenged ... Plank "Avatar" raised very high, and therefore, again, James will not belong to himself for several years and his home have to go through another creative stoycheski "dive" head of the family.Despite the fact that the creator of Avatar, director James Cameron - a Canadian, a passion for his work is typically American.Not every woman can take it.

Girls from the "sandbox»

Cameron five times walked down the aisle.For the first time he take the vows with Sharon Williams, a waitress from Los Angeles restaurant Bob's Bi

g Boy in the distant 1978.Then he, 23-year-old, after watching "Star Wars" quit his job of a truck driver and decided to become a director.Six years Sharon has tried to win back her husband from the blue screen, but to no avail.After removing the good 12-minute science fiction film "Ksenogenez" Cameron got the well-known designer of scenery studio low-budget films Roger Corman.And in a few years has grown to the director's chair.The first pancake - a sequel to "Piranha" (1982) - came out lumpy.The Italians, who produced the picture, singled her too little money, but the crew did not speak in English.There were a lot of other overlays.However, James was able to turn to their advantage, even the first fiasco.In a state of extreme stress he had a nightmare about how to send a robot from the future killer to kill him.In the morning, this dream has become a basis for "Terminator."Without thinking twice, he sold Cameron Gale Anne Hurd scenario, the head of the marketing department Corman, for ... 1 dollar.However, taking the girl with two promises: to take a picture and he will become his wife Gail.And so it happened.With a budget of about $ 6.5 million "Terminator" (1984) has collected about $ 80 million, James Cameron has brought glory to the talented director and screenwriter, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, starring in the title role - superstar status.

From that moment
Cameron's career took off.He writes a sequel thriller "Strangers" (1986) and remove the sequel ("Oscar" for visual effects).Finally, "The Abyss" (1989) ... The plot of this sci-fi thriller 12-year-old James came up in biology class.Instead of hearing about pistils and stamens, he wrote a story about a meeting with the inhabitants of divers depths of the ocean.On the set of "Abyss" for the director stuck the nickname Iron Jim because of his fanatical dedication and efficiency.The lion's share of the filming took place underwater.Brother James, an engineer with a degree in aerospace and stuntman by vocation, not only came up with a special camera for underwater shooting, but also in an effort to make everything as close as possible to reality, made this at a depth of 12 meters.By shooting two huge reservoir adapted to the unfinished nuclear power plant.The date for the postponed three times and shooting lasted for half a year, a team of director James Cameron has worked almost seven days a week.Add to this temper of the director, who, regardless of gender and age, never hesitates in the choice of expressions - not worth it, and guess what feelings are experiencing a "crazy kanaddu" his subordinates.But there is a silver lining: "The Abyss" with four nominations for "Oscar" has consolidated its status as a talented director, screenwriter and producer.But the cash front, again came streak.

Intrigue "Oscar»

third wife of James became the girl from "their sandbox," directed by Kathryn Bigelow.Office romance, according to the Iron Jim - optimal form relationships with women.However, it is good only if the spouses are working on a project ... to Catherine Cameron produced the successful thriller "The Point Break" (1989) with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in the lead roles.The shooting of James invented a transformational effect ("Morphine"), which is then used to create the robot killer T-1000, is born from the drops of molten metal, in continuation of the "Terminator" (1991).James and Catherine lived for two years, and then intelligently dispersed.Bigelow, or rather, its last film on the war in Iraq, "The Hurt Locker" has become his rival "Avatar" (both pictures were nominated for the "Oscar" of 9 categories).

«Confrontation former»
journalists dubbed the main intrigue of the "Oscar" and the intrigue kept in suspense until the last moment.... Bigelow won, taking the statues in the main categories "Best Film" and "Best Director".

After Katherine, in 1997, James again without departing from the "machine" married to the star of "Terminator" Linda Hamilton.Divorce two years Cameron has managed to $ 50 million. The fifth and last wife of the moment, the famous director - Suzy Amis - also an actress.She starred in "Titanic" Rose's granddaughter.June 4 this year, James and Susie will celebrate a decade of marriage.For Cameron, a record.Maybe clever Susie realized that creative Canadian has always lacked a quiet family haven.She bore him three lovely children: Claire soon 9, and twins Quinn and Elizabeth Rose - 3 years.Incidentally, when Cameron walks with them in Disneyland, with his face still smug smile.

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