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Actors series Return of Mukhtar

«Return of Mukhtar" - a Russian series about a dog that is equally loved by both adults and children.Love the wide audience the adventure detective won thanks to a simple life stories, there is a place in which friendship and loyalty, courage and kindness.It was evident that the actors of the series Return of Mukhtar really worked "with soul."Without exception.

One against 150.

series "Return of Mukhtar" was released forty years after the legendary paintings Seeds Tumanov "To me, Mukhtar!".Many assumed that this will be a continuation of the famous film, and do not guess.Movie heroes and the hero of the series have in common only the name, breed, and profession.Modern Mukhtar is always in the middle of the action: it helps young officers catch criminals, to unravel the mysterious incident.This intelligent dog and his comrades fall into different fun and serious situations, of which, however, always go with glitter.

In the four years of filming the series Mukhtar visited eight dogs.In the first two

seasons he played a major role Vargun young dog.This Alsatian managed to avoid a very strong competitors: the role claimed 150 best dogs in and around Moscow.Vargun was the most beautiful, cheerful and intelligent - in other words, the way to be a true friend of man.Despite the fact that the dog did not have special training, special problems with it at the trainers have arisen.Gunya, affectionately known as the caudate crew actor, literally from the second or third take, strictly follow all instructions.That's because the process of shooting, he is perceived not as a job but as a game.

Varguna have been understudy - brother Duncan, who performed the most difficult tricks: jumping, grabs, spectacular chases.Incidentally, it occurred to Duncan funniest stories.One scenario Mukhtar was away from some fisherman net.Duncan played superbly in the episode, and the crew is ready for the next scene, taught by dog ​​brought from somewhere bait.It turned out that not far from the area fished a real fisherman who, of course, great surprise when the dog came up to him and took the bait.Misunderstanding, laughed and settled back angler tackle.

Mukhtar to Kiev.

In the third season, the shooting took place in Kiev.Main shaggy hero had to look local.They became the champion, medalist and winner of prestigious exhibitions nicknamed Zeiss.True, he was older than his predecessors almost doubled, but more experienced.Just a few days Zeiss learned off the alarm and hide your mobile phone.There were two stand-dog - the sons of Zeus and the West, who performed for the pope power tricks.Like a true star, Zeiss relied separate lounge.Find out who among ordinary dogs on working conditions cinematic Mukhtarov, howled would envy.During the break, the artists tried not to disturb the caudate colleague, though, according to the trainer, succeeded with difficulty."Actors loved Zeiss so that tear them away from the dog was almost impossible.Moreover, they kept him fed, - says Alexander.- So the biggest challenge has been to train a filming crew to Zeiss has not turned into a thick bumpkin. "

Walk, Bob!

When Zeiss old, he began to look for a replacement: after all, jumps and grabs require special physical training.As a result, the third dog Mukhtar became award-winning, world vice-champion status with a suitable name Wachs background Vaysrusland Kirshental, which became a platform for Vasya.Despite the apparent similarities (both dog - excellent representatives of the breed of German shepherd dogs), the characters they were completely different.Zeiss was a strict silent dog, to yourself is not allowed to approach each one.Vaska, on the contrary, very affectionate and sociable, moreover, remembers director Vladimir Zlatoust, "terrible Lizun": while all not lick, do not say hello, work will not start.

to Bob accustomed to the role, he lived for a time in the apartment of the actor Alexander Volkov (Executive role Maxim Zharov).The result of cohabitation became real friendship.On the set of Volkov and Bob almost did not depart from each other.The actor is so attached to his partner that when the shooting was over, Vasya took a puppy.

first weeks of filming were given Wachs easy.The dog did not understand why you need to repeat several times the same thing.Do not explain the dog that duplicates are removed in order to then choose the best.

«Once through the story he had to throw the paper in the trash.So he peretaskat props to half ", - says Alexander.Actors with a laugh, adding that Bob in one scene could not "steal" from the table sandwich: well-bred dog is not accustomed to such ugliness.Clever dog eyes expressed complete bewilderment when the trainer almost begged him to steal.

Continued ...

Now the new season Mukhtar played just two dog brothers Yaks House Tabor di Al lertal and Prime Prem Sambatus.Yaks, for its just Kuzma, the first violin, and Prime replaces the star when needed.As well as the 11-year-old Wachs, who is now retired, four-Kuze did not initially given tricks offering slippers and important documents.But now he will give a hundred points to any competitor.

In casting Yaks fought with five other "Germans", but lively character and smart look of the future actor won the heart of demanding director, and took the dog to the show.During this time, Kuzma learned some useful things and not so.I began to beg food, sing, interrupted the conversation by barking, and even respond to serial nickname fly.

Yaks But the real test was when seriously ill.After all, in an artistic environment, to cancel shooting Missed even sickness actor.But despite the disastrous state of health, Kuzma admirably played in one of the episodes.In the story, the boys arrested the wrong man, and desperately barking Fly to rely on a detainee and beat feet on the handcuffs.Weakened by illness Yaks simply physically unable to perform such action as a violent beating of paws on the handcuffs.Instead, he just poke his nose into the hands of the detainee, and it looked much more natural and lifelike.

Filming of the series went four years.During this time the team had become a real family.All holidays are the creative team of the series marks together.Director Vladimir Zlatoust has told us that because of the love for dogs twelve filmmakers found their happiness.To date, six played weddings and had five children.

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