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Hyacinth - scented delight for home and garden

Grow hyacinth indoors

should know that there are three types of distillation plants:

  • early - the flowers will delight you by the beginning of January;
  • medium - the period of flowering occurs in late January or early February;
  • late - mid-March or early April.

Grow hyacinth indoors

Planting bulbs at home, choose the larger specimens without damage, spots or stains with a dense homogeneous scales.This will provide a beautiful flowering, faster germination and successful distillation.Keep the bulbs are better in the cellar, on the balcony or refrigerator until planting.But the room temperature should be not more than twenty degrees, or flowers can never be dismissed.

Tips for growing hyacinths in apartment

Grow hyacinth outdoors

hyacinths perfect for sunny or slightly shaded garden.Planted them in early September in the pit to a depth of twenty centimeters.We adhere to the same distance between plants.The soil should be fairly well watered and fertilized.After hyacinths faded, cut the inflorescence itself, and let the leaves naturally turn yellow a

nd fall off.Thus more and fertilized soil.

Hyacinths grow in the open field

When transplant hyacinths?

Hyacinths multiply bulbs and seeds.The second method is most often used for breeding new varieties.But it is quite time-consuming process that sometimes takes five or even six years.And so the flowers are bred mainly specialists.A simpler way - bulbous.Planted them in the fall, before frost.The ground sprinkled with straw and so they hibernate.Spring release the soil, water and fertilize.Once finished flowering, and leaves almost fell off, hyacinths it is necessary to dig up and replant.Note that without a transplant, they will not bloom.

When and how to transplant hyacinths?

popular varieties on the market today, you can find a huge amount of hyacinths from pale blue to bright yellow.Let's look at the most popular varieties.


  • Marie - flowering period of 16-18 days.Very fragrant early variety;

    Grow beautiful hyacinth varieties Marie

  • Bismarck - the flowering period of 11-14 days.Relatively high with strong leaves;

    We grow hyacinth Bismarck grade all the rules

  • La Victoire - the flowering period of 11-12 days.They have a brilliant foliage cover;

    Grow hyacinth varieties La Victoire own

  • Madame Sophie - the flowering period of 13-15 days.They have a small double flowers.

    Grow hyacinth varieties Madame Sophie in the garden.


  • Anna Marie - flowering period of 15-17 days.Inflorescences small pale;

    Care hyacinths varieties Anna Marie in the garden.

  • Yellow Hammer - flowering period of 15-17 days.By the end of the season the flowers change color and become lighter;

    Breeding varieties of hyacinths Yellow Hammer in the garden

  • Tubcrgen's Scarlet - the flowering period of 13-15 days.They are also called "fire."

    Grow hyacinth varieties Tubcrgen


  • Snow Crystal -tsvetet 14-16 days;

    Hyacinths grow late varieties Snow Crystal

  • City of Haarlem - flowering 16-18 days;

    Caring for the late varieties of hyacinths City of Haarlem

  • Hollyhock- flowering 15-19 days.

    Cultivation and care for late varieties Hollyhock hyacinths in the garden.


    Once you have dug the flowers, they need a few days to dry in the shade, and then folded into boxes and stored in a cool, shaded place.Dig them in the early summer, and put in the middle of autumn.Before planting the plants it is recommended to hold a bit in the cold, to prepare for winter.

    Diseases and pests

    Outdoors hyacinths practically not subject to any diseases and pests.But sometimes a plant can affect bacterial decay, so that they begin to grow poorly on the petals and leaves are formed spots or streaks, and bulbs rot, thus emitting a foul smell.Infected flowers should be removed from the flower bed, and burn, and after them the way to water solution of potassium permanganate.On this very spot Hyacinths can be planted only after 4 years.It can infect the root and bulb mite.For prophylaxis prior to planting the bulbs should be treated with a solution of colloidal sulfur (in 5 liters of water 40 grams).

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