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Wild grass tsefalofora

first year tsefaloforu planted on the windowsill in April.In late May, the seedlings planted raspikirovat the ground and threw a non-woven covering material from the return of frost.All feared that an unfamiliar plant will not stand our cold.But my fears proved groundless.

During the three years of cultivation tsefalofora showed itself as extremely hardy and undemanding plant.

First tsefalofora very cold-resistant - no autumn or spring frosts her uneasy.But this is not a paradox!This then I hit upon the idea that the climate in the mountains, even in the subtropics, are not sugar.

Second, it proved to be very resistant to drought.

Third, it picky to the soil.

main thing is that it is necessary - so it's a lot of sun and space.That's what a mountain plant!

How does tsefalofora .Annual
this begins to branching directly from the earth, and therefore takes the form of a sphere with a diameter of 30-40 mm in adulthood.Numerous narrow leaves (about 2 cm wide and up to 10 cm) dark green, rough.Each s

tem ends with an inflorescence apical.The inflorescence is so remarkable in their mind that because of it, this plant has received the Latin name tsefalofora, which means "similar to the head."Each bead, in fact, the yellow-green color right centimeter diameter rounded shape.Its surface is covered with cells in a geometric figure that resembles a honeycomb.Each cell - a flower and inflorescence them very much.

Dark green ball in the heyday of strawberry grass - tsefalofory, gold is decorated with many small balls (inflorescences).Each inflorescence arts for about a month.Experience superior external data plants, the second time I did not plant grass in the garden strawberry, and put the beauty in the flower garden.

Care strawberry grass .

seeds sown in early May directly into the ground to a depth of 1 cm, sprouted quickly - within 3-4 days.No shelters no longer made only in two stages, and thin out the seedlings weeded.For him to care as any of annuals.Weeding is not necessary since mid-summer, the bushes are very dense, and their shadows are no longer annual weeds germinate.Sparse planting proved very effective.I was once again convinced that the balls bushes tsefalofory turn only if grow from each other at a distance of 40-50 cm.When planting closer they are drawn, stems, leaves and blossoms are intertwined, and it turns disheveled scruffy carpet.On strawberry grass at the end of June there are the first gold balls, and the peak flowering begins in mid-August.At this time, you can prepare herbs for the winter.

Harvesting grass tsefalofory.

In bright sunny weather, when the dew will descend selectively Cut off young undamaged leaves, stems and inflorescences, and land in the attic.Many aromatic raw materials are not harvested even if give to friends, always, a small flow.

Wild Grass as a spice.
When using strawberry grass as a spice it must be strictly dosed, otherwise a strong flavor can drown not only other spices, but also change the taste of the dish (bitterly).For the preparation of flavored tea I usually mix four teaspoons of Indian tea and a half tablespoons strawberry grass.By the way, labels, I noticed that tsefalofora comes in many imported tea blends.

September tsefalofora gives a lot of seeds that we have a well-ripen.Germination they remain 3-4 years.They should not be confused with the seeds of other colors come from them all the same unmistakable strawberry flavor!

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