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Houseplants: Caladium

Caladium - perennial plants.In Caladium basal leaves with arrow-shaped.They multi-colored, heart-shaped, they may be colored spots and pictures of different sizes and shapes.Flowers collected in the ears, they are small in size, but Caladium popular not because of the flowers, and thanks to the extraordinary colors, large leaves.Unfortunately, we are pleased Caladium beauty leaves long (since the first days of spring until autumn).Caladium - tuberous plants, and in the winter he begins a rest period.Leaflets, zasohnuv, fall off and the plant "goes to sleep" until the following spring.

Despite the fact that Caladium refers to ornamental plants, it is also widely used by the tubers - food.The plant is bred in botanical farms in the rooms, in the gardens.

Caladium plants are very whimsical.They are very demanding of conditions.To Caladium grow and develop, you need to follow a strict regime, otherwise he will die.An ideal place for him - Teplicka or closed flower box.

Caladium: types

There are thousands of varieties of Caladium.They are all united in a common group, which is called the garden Caladium (S. x hortulanum Birdsey), largely isolated:

  • Humboldt Caladium;Caladium bicolor
  • ;
  • Caladium Schomburg;This species has several varieties: serebristozhilkovy K., K. red, venous K.
  • C. candidum
  • With .bicolor
  • With .humboldtii
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Caladium Care

Caladium need bright but diffused light.Direct light from the sun Caladium can move only during and after lunch, and in the early morning.Pots with plants is better to put on the western or the eastern windows.If Caladium put on the window on the south side, it is necessary to pritenit from direct light.

Keep Caladium necessary at about 25 degrees.It should not be lower than 20 degrees.Incidentally, this is true for the temperature, which should be at the soil.When there is a period of rest, the temperature is also not to be lower than 18 degrees.

When it comes during the growing season, Caladium need watering profusely.Water should be soft, had time to settle.The temperature should be room temperature.The next time the plants are watered after dry upper layers of the earth.But the earthen room in the pot should be moist.You can put the pot on Caladium moistened peat or pebbles.In the last days of summer and in the early September watering start to reduce.When does the period of rest, the land only occasionally need to wet to prevent drying of the tubers.After transplant the plant, it must be watered with care, to avoid waterlogging.Watering increase proportionally to the growth of green mass.

These houseplants like high humidity.It should be at the level of 70%.If the plant is not enough moisture, it can lead to the defeat of plants, and even death.Caladium need to frequently and liberally sprinkle, but the water at the same time should not fall on the leaves, because of the water droplets on them may appear brown spots, and the plant loses all decorative sharply.To increase the humidity of the pots can be placed on a stand with water, but the bottom of the pot should not touch the water.

After the shoots will cease to grow, as well as to the first days of August once in 7 days is necessary to make fertilizer made especially for colors.The dose is calculated according to the manual supplied with the drug.Since August, feeding is stopped.

Caladium: vegetation periods and calm

Caladium plants have a dormant period is expressed clearly.In August, the plant dying leaves.At this time, the plant is not necessary to water.Tubers in the ground should be dry.They should dry Dolezal before the first days of March.Well stored tubers of plants in an old earth or sand.The temperature should not be below 18 degrees, but it is better if it is at 20 degrees.To avoid severe wrinkling of tubers, it is necessary only occasionally moisten the substrate in the pot.The buds begin to germinate in early March.In late February the tubers must be cleaned, separated from large and small planted in pots.

In preparing the landing ground take part humus, a part of the ground sheet, peat and half part of the sand.The acid-alkaline level of the substrate should not exceed 6. The temperature should stay at 22 degrees.Watering must be carried out with water, which has had time to settle and become soft.After some time, the plant begins to form the root system, and then it starts to grow.When sprouts appear, they need to be watered well during the development of leaves watering still increasing.

After three or four will form a leaf, can be formed and inflorescences.Blossoms in a few days.Seeds ripen months later 2. In the lower part of the inflorescence are located "female" flowers, and the top - functional "male".Pollen, maturing earlier, tends to crumble.To happened pollination, the pollen is often taken from other inflorescences.The leaves do not lose their decorative effect for a long time on the plant and after cutting in bouquets or vases.Caladium short vegetation period.It extends from the first days of March to the end of August.

Caladium: reproduction (seeds, tubers)

During the multiplication using the seeds they should be sown as soon as they are collected.For seeds suitable land, consisting of peat and leaf type land in equal parts.The shoots should appear at a maximum 18 day.By the first days of autumn are formed tubers.Their store, like other tubers and planted in February and March.When it is the seed reproduction observed splitting of a high level, which is why the seeds collected on the leaves, and choose those colors that have the most decorative.

tubers are propagated from February to March.They can be divided in parts, but it is necessary that each part was at least one kidney.Sections need to powder coal from wood.Tubers need to be planted in the ground with peat and sand.After planting a box put on the light at a temperature of about 24 degrees.

difficulties in growing Caladium

To obtain high-ornamental plants, it is necessary to take the two-year tubers.Tubers need to be planted the first year for rearing.

plant highly susceptible to a lack of water and the cold.It is necessary to monitor the temperature control and regular watering.Do not forget about the additional measures moisture.

Caladium can damage aphid.

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