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Hymenocallis: particular care

hymenocallis: types.

hymenocallis Caribbean (Latin for Hymenocalliscaribaea), otherwise it is called Pankratum Caribbean (lat. Pancratiumcaribaeum).The locus of the coast from the sea of ​​the Antilles.Hymenocallis Caribbean has a round bulb, the diameter of which is 10 cm. The leaves of 90 cm and a width of about 7 cm, the leaves are sharp, remnevidnoy shape, tapering at the base.Its flowers are united in inflorescences umbellate form.From 6 to 12 fragrant, white, large flowers.Peduncle flat, having no leaves.Filaments have a joint compound membranous diaphragm, amounting to half the length, resembling a crown of narcissus.The anthers are bright orange color.Flowering winter.

hymenocallis nice, otherwise it is called early hymenocallis (lat. Hymenocallisfestalis) - bulbous perennial plant.The diameter of the bulb of about 10 cm, which is lowered to 2/3 in the culture medium.The color of the leaves dark green, remnevidnoy form, their length is 40 cm, width 7 cm. Peduncle of about 70 cm, without leav

es, has 3 to 5 flowers collected in inflorescence umbellate form.They have six perianth lobes fused at the base, which leave long strips.Half the length fused stamens resemble the crown of narcissus.In anther orange.Fragrant flowers reach 10 cm in diameter.In winter, when the leaves fall dormancy.From July to September - flowering period.

Features care.

hymenocallis must be bright location does not hurt a small amount of direct sunlight.The favorable location of the windows of the western and eastern sides.It is necessary to create a shadow at the southern location.If you find a plant on the north side there is a lack of light.After the flowering period is necessary hymenocallis saving time put into the garden, and with the advent of September again to place it in the apartment.When placing the outdoors in the summer is necessary to choose a place with natural diffused sunlight.To prevent sunburn, you must hymenocallis gradually accustom to the new lighting.In autumn and winter indoor plants need light, which is provided by fluorescent lamps.

In a period of rapid development and growth of the plant temperature should be around 18-22 ° C.At the end of the flowering period the temperature must be lowered do16-18 ° C.

During the active growing season and flowering hymenocallis provide abundant watering, to defend, soft water, used in the drying of the substrate.This plant needs constant watering.After the period of flowering watering is reduced, but not completed.

for plants not matter ambient humidity.You can spray the plant defended, with soft water.During flowering is necessary to avoid getting water on the flowers.

hymenocallis to proper care during the growing season and flowering fertilize once every 7-14 days.During the rest flower fertilizer is used in fewer and less (1 every 30 days).

hymenocallis: features transplant.

hymenocallis transplant is performed as needed.Adult plants are transplanted once in 3 or 4 years, the young in a year or two once.Keep in mind that this plant blooms mainly in small bowl.Transplant done in the dormant period.

for transplant is taken loose and fertile soil.In composition, it may be humus soil and leaf mold (one part), 1-2 parts sod, ½ sand and ½ part of the peat.A bulb should be examined in order to avoid defeat rot.Place of infection must be removed carefully and handle cuts charcoal.Requires good drainage at the bottom of the pot.

hymenocallis subsidiaries bulbs can be propagated.

probable difficulties.

  • Overdrying, a small amount of light, poor nutrition and a lack of overflow promote flowering.
  • When an excess of sunlight may be due to burning.
  • Excessive moisture can cause lethargy foliage.
  • If not performed regular watering during the growth and development, the plant withers and the flowers lose.
  • If there is a strong irrigation and improper care, the pot appears gray mold.

harm plant Jose scale and mealybug.