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Houseplant oxalis

oxys Latin means "sour", that is kind of in the title indicates that the plant has a sour taste.To this genus are forming tubers perennial and annual plants with pinnate or ternate leaves.Flowers oksalisa (oxalis) have the right shape and consists of five petals.

oxalis petals covered with pink streaks, that looks very nice.Also, it can shoot seeded fruitlets, small and reddish.If a little breath of these seeds, they seemed to "jump" to the side.This is easily explained: in the case of changes in humidity shell seeds dramatically changes the shape and bursts.Interesting oxalis and the fact that in bad weather, after dark, when the bright light, or mechanical stress her flowers slowly closed and the leaves fall and fold.The fact that when the above factors alter the internal pressure, or turgor, in the cells of the petals and leaves.

oxalis common (lat. O . acetosella ) and grows in our forests.Many people know it under the name kislichka or cleft cabbage.Residents of Germany is called common sorre

l sour clover.That leaf oxalis, reminiscent of the mind-leaf clover, is the emblem of Ireland, and is depicted on its coat of arms.

Some varieties of plants can be planted in open ground under the trees and shrubs, and some are doing well only in the rooms and greenhouses.Other oksalisa are weeds, reproduction of which is difficult to stop.Bush certain short-lived, but they are still cultivated as a houseplant.You can put in a rocky garden sorrel.

Houseplant oxalis: at course

oxalis need scattered but intense light.It is best to put a pot with a plant on the window facing east.If the plant is located near the south window, it is necessary to create pritenit scattered light from 11 to 17 hours of translucent paper or cloth, for example, tulle or gauze.When placing plants in the windows facing west, it is also necessary to provide diffused light.Good lighting is essential oxalis in the cold season (autumn and winter).The recent acquisition of the plant to the intense illumination should be taught.You should also enroll in the spring when the winter time was available for the lack of light.

spring and summer sorrel need temperature 20-25 ° C.In winter, the plant comes a rest period, so that the temperature can be 12-18 ° C, depending on species.So, oxalis Ortgisa desired temperature 16-18 ° C, and sorrel Depp in December and January, the temperature 12-14 ° C.In addition, the last referring to the winter do not need watering, and you can store it in a cool, dry place.After the first shoots of the plant is transplanted into a new soil, resume watering and accustomed to the heat.About a month later oxalis will bloom.

period of dormancy in pink oxalis occurs in October and November - all this time it should be kept in a cool, bright room at a temperature of 12-14 ° C.After the appearance of the plant germs are transferred into a warm room.

summer and spring, when the plant is actively growing sorrel, it should be abundantly watered, when a little dry up topsoil.Beginning in the fall, gradually reduce watering.Oxalis Ortgisa winter should be watered very seldom, not allowing complete drying of the land.Tubers oxalis Depp winter can not water - enough to keep them in the ground in a cool place.Watering should be reduced and a half months before the dormancy period.

spring and summer, it is desirable to regularly spray the plant.In autumn and winter sorrel does not need it.

fertilize and transplant

Feed up oxalis mineral complex fertilizers intended for indoor plants, in the period from April to August every two to three weeks.Transplanted

Kislitsa each year in a mixture consisting of turf ground (1 hr.), The peat ground (2 hrs.), Ground sheet (1 hr.), Humus earth (1 hr.) And sand (1 hr.).You can also put the plant in a mixture of leaf soil (2 hrs.), peat land (1 hr.), turf ground (2 h.) and sand (1 hr.).In addition, for oxalis suitable mixture for decorative foliage plants.For the active growth needs good drainage from the gravel or expanded clay, which should be placed at the bottom of the pot.

plant propagation

oxalis - a plant that is propagated by seeds, which are usually sown in the spring.In the first year after sowing of the seeds appear leafy rosettes and underground shoots.In the second year of the leaf axils of data shoots formed clumps and grow new outlet.

also oxalis can breed tubercles.Tubers are planted oxalis Depp in one pot semisantimetrovy 6-10 units in February or March.Top layer of soil nodules poured into 1 centimeter.Ground mixture: ground sheet (1 hr.), Turf ground (2 h.), Sand (1 hr.).Until that moment, until the roots are formed, tubers are kept in a cool place (5-10 ° C) and moderately watered.Since the end of March the temperature is gradually increased.

worth noting that the nodules plants can be planted in pots all year.So, if the tubers are planted oxalis Depp in the middle or end of October, already the New Year will leafy plants.

full development cycle plants after planting tuber - about 40 days, after which time sorrel begins to bloom.For example, sorrel Depp, planted in the spring begins to bloom in the summer and only ends in late autumn.

Some varieties of sorrel breed including cuttings, such as sorrel and sorrel hedizarievidnaya Ortgisa.Cuttings root plants for 18-20 days at a temperature of 25C.Planted cuttings in a mixture of equal parts of leaf, humus, sod of earth and sand.Pots must be protected from direct sunlight.


Those kinds of oxalis, which in the cold time of the year the aerial part of it dies, it is necessary to keep in a cool (moderate - 16-18C) and a well-lit room.Watering plants should be after two or three days after drying of the soil a small amount of water.

When the withering away of the aerial part of the winter watering should be reduced and a half months before the dormant period (depending on the species in October or December).Nodules remaining in the soil, can be stored in a well-lit and cool place at a temperature of 12-14S.The soil should be moist but not waterlogged and does not over-dry.After the first sorrel sprouts transferred into a warm room.During the month, 40 days flowering occurs.

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