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Ornamental plants for houses, apartments and office

Choosing ornamental plants for houses, apartments and office

Live plants in the office and home environment - it is not just the business of the interior elements.With the right approach, our "green friends" and can perform a number of important functions.

Important functions of ornamental plants

1. The most obvious feature - decorative .Cleverly chosen, properly placed, well-groomed and healthy pot plant pleasing to the eye and uplifting tunes in a positive way.

2. Wellness - live plants saturate the air with oxygen and humidity increase, some species are able to neutralize harmful radiation and chemical fumes, kill bacteria and to strengthen our immunity.A fragrance of flowering plants may soothes, relieves stress, headaches, fatigue.

3. Status feature - expensive and presentable exotic plants of large size luxury pots emphasize financial success of your company and luxury of your home.

4. Improve the performance! Live plants are really able to increase the attention and, con

sequently, the quality of work.As a result of experimental studies it has been estimated that the presence of an office building decorative potted plants by 12% increases the speed of the staff on the computer!

making a choice of ornamental plants for home and office, it is necessary to consider the following overriding factors.

Factors selecting plants for home and office

  • light level (orientation of windows),
  • humidity,
  • presence of air conditioners,
  • average temperature in the room,
  • area, ceiling height,
  • number of pieces of furniture andoffice equipment.
  • fairly important factor is the ability and willingness to engage in the care of flowers.Taking into account all of the above you recommend to a specialty store for the best options for greening your home and office.

Fashion for ornamental plants

course, there is (and has always existed) the fashion for certain plants.For example, in the office, designed in minimalist style, now it recommended to use bamboo.Extremely trendy Zamioculcas (Monetary tree).Ladies are invited to decorate their workplace orchid.And for stylish men preferred to use a bonsai.

But fashion comes and goes, and the office is a classic, time-tested: dracaena, ficus, Scheffler, Hove, Yucca, Spathiphyllum, monstera, Anthurium, asparagus and so on. D. - Nice and quite unpretentious, perfectly suitable for any interior.One of the most unpretentious of options and versatile in any situation is sansevieriya - this is truly indestructible plant that tolerates any inconvenience (the only thing they do not like - excessive watering).Unpretentious and extremely effective in the fight for clean air Chlorophytum crested.The artificial lighting conditions good acclimatized stromanta, arrowroot, Calathea and begonias (but in turn, they require high humidity).Well disinfects the air Laurel (but note that it needs cool winter).Lemon successfully fights germs and viruses, its aroma is able to relieve stress, but the appearance is very effective, but it is extremely demanding to care for.Abutilon wonderful cleanses and moisturizes the air, are also very beautiful flowers, but it is too cramped office is not the place - he loves to play.

The list goes on and on, but if you want to make the best selection of plants, which for a long time will please you, your family or your colleagues with its splendor, you should hire the services of a professional - phytodesigners to help select suitable for your specificconditions potted plants and place them correctly.