Original gift for the new year

This story took place many years ago.We always begged my mother to have some livestock.At first it was a talking parrot, bought on the "bird."In the market, he muttered the standard phrase "choir-Senya district roshy!" And all.At home, when the cage, lisping, leaned over my father's sister, Aunt Zina, he burst into loud trill: "Ster-p-p-p-ditch!" Over the next two days of the bird and my brother found a huge number of swear words.Parrot then gave Dad's colleague, who was very pleased with the unexpected gift.Then - fluffy, but terribly smelly hamsters.One of them ran away and hid in a box with my mother's new shoes.

He especially liked leather straps - he gnawed them almost to the base of ... guinea pig Frosya Mitya issued a walk on the sofa.She shamelessly shat on my mother's evening dress, decomposed immediately.With Frosya, unfortunately, also had to say goodbye ...
- Enough!Grow - themselves even crocodile anymore!- Were sentenced mom.In late November, the parents phoned Aunt Zina and happily rep
orted that they bought a "miracle wonderful and just $ 700."
- Sphynx.Exhibition class.However, an adult already.But such a thoroughbred!In the evening we went to visit relatives.We were forced to wash his hands and solemnly led into the room.On the cushion collapsed something quite disgusting kind - whether a large rat, or a huge eared hamster."It" jumped off the couch, hissed and clung to her mother's leg claws.
- How lovely!- Mom murmured.Many years later I realized that she had to praise this freak.Otherwise, vengeful aunt would not soon forgive her for this oversight.Then it was surprising ... The morning on 31 December.The parents went to the cottage to celebrate.We stayed at home with his grandmother.
- What we dad mom put under the Christmas tree?- I asked me Mitya.- Maybe give them a beautiful kitten?
- Where are you?- Thoughtfully he replied.
- And I saw the trash!This fluffy, little black.Not that her aunt's rat!I liked the idea, and we wasted no time and ran into the street.Near the trash was a cardboard box, covered with my woolen scarf and a saucer of our tea service.

I sternly looked at Mitya.
- A what?- Sniffing, the brother said.- I went to feed him here.Scarf you would not wear, but because it is cold ... Brother leaned over the improvised house and took out the kitten.
- What a lovely!- I smiled.
- You see ... Take yourself, huh?- With the hope in the eyes of my brother he said.
At this time, a scarf and stirred from under him there was one, has bright red seal.
- And this, too, darling!So what we did choose?- I was thinking out loud.
- Let's both take away!One mom donate, another - the Pope - suggested brother.Kittens hide under a jacket to the grandmother did not see them ahead of time, and just about to leave when there was a heart-rending-sadly-frightened "on me-I-I-I-oo-oo-oo-oo!".Intercept we popped something off-white ...
- It's probably their brother or sister ... How to throw it here?He's going to die of boredom!- Mitya began to sniff.
- You do understand that parents will beat us for so many cats?Eyes big tears gushed little brother.
- Okay, then let's granny gave ... In the evening we washed fiercely resisted Fuzzies.And in the morning, while their parents slept after a New Year's party, I made a box, laid out her beautiful velvet cloth to put to the kittens, and briefly excused myself from the room.When I came back, Mitya had hitched a huge bow of colored foil.
- Mom!Dad!Granny!We want to give you gifts!Wake up!- I shouted brother and skipping ran to the bedroom to inform parents "joyful" news.Mom untied bow, and looked out of the box three gryaznyuchie frightened faces.
- What is it?- His mother asked warily.
- Gifts ... You little black, red-haired dad and little white grandmother ...

father doubled over with laughter.
- Mitya, you'd better explain why they are so dirty?- I cried.
- I put them a little Olivier, aspic chop exercise and a drop of ...
- Well, what are we going with all this good do?- I asked mother sternly.
- Wash by Olivier, chops and brawn to start!- Father laughed again.
- Maybe leave yourself one?But others react, where they took?- Mom asked.
- But they, poor thing anyone but we do not!- Almost crying, my brother.The final decision was made by the pope:
- So, take your bundle of cats and bring to the bathroom.Gifts can not give!
do not know how he persuaded his mother, but all three were beautiful cats with us.And the phrase "beam cats" has taken root in our home ... We are family celebrated the New Year with parents.The last came Mitya still unmarried and dragged a large box.
- What is it?- I asked cautiously.
- I've been thinking ... Bored to our elderly to sit all day and bought one ...
- Not again beam cats?

He laughed loudly and said nothing.
- Mom, Dad, this is for you from us to the sister a surprise!- And made a gift to the floor.
- look!- Said the father, stamping.
- Oh, my God!- Mom cried.
Out of the box flattened snout poked Pekingese.Puppy scrambled out of the shelter and immediately made a puddle on the carpet.
- Well, that Mitya this time did not think to put Olivier, patty and jelly - Mom smiled, taking in his hands trembling puppy, and my father said:
- And that beams do not sell dogs!