Adoption own child

her - about thirty-five, he was - a little over forty.Respectable, well-dressed, the naked eye can see that the non-poor, but without snobbery, or, as my son twenty years without raspaltsovki.Both are slightly stretched (which, in general, is clear: do not come to the movies because) very restrained - say exclusively on the case.

- We want to adopt a child , - starts and the woman pushes me a folder with documents.I leaf through the paper - complete set.I nod, "all right", but then I notice that in the earnings statement the amount indicated in rubles.Newbie - press Moscow firms.
- We are with her husband for seven years living and working in Moscow, - says the woman and the man rigidly cuts:
- but citizens of Ukraine.So you ...
- But I must examine your living conditions ... Without this it is impossible!
- We have an excellent three-room apartment at the Lomonosov Avenue.Here are documents in the apartment, so photos of rooms.But if you want to be ...
- No, that's enough - I interrupted.A pair of
cute me: and that the dignity with which holds, and how a man with a quick gesture shook the hand of his wife, they say, do not worry, I'm here beside.
- So the documents you complete the order - I repeat.- Now you should make a list of requirements to the adopted child, the desired age, gender, appearance, and so on.
And as soon as a suitable ...
- It will be from day to day - and the woman said, catching my puzzled look, he explained: - The mother of this child due to give birth on this, at least - next week.It is precisely the refusal to write.
- It can not be!- I replied hotly.- In the newborn objectors you know what place?People wait for years!
man with a woman quickly looked at each other.Their views were clearly speaking, but I "said" do not understand, if they talked to me in an unknown language.
- That's impossible!According to our rules ...

- We want to adopt an illegitimate child of my husband , - the woman said, looking me straight in the eye.
I started to explain that her husband is not necessarily to adopt her own child, even if born out of wedlock, it is enough to recognize his paternity in court and get custody of him.The couple quietly, waiting to hear me, then she shook her head:
- This option is not necessary.The mother is unmarried and categorically does not want a roommate knew about the change.
- But if a man will think that this is his child, he did agree to give it to strangers for adoption ?!
agreed.He is unemployed, the money for the maintenance of the baby there.
- I need to double-check your documents - said in an official tone.- Come for an answer in a week.

By and large , my responsibilities include only check the availability of the securities and housing conditions - there is this couple was all right.But I deliberately at the end of their visit, acted out of self byurokratku because ... Because it did not fit into their story of something, and that something "walk" inside me, like a pebble in the shoe.Then I put yourself in the visitor's and knew exactly what I would have never been able to talk about her husband's infidelity and his illegitimate child and at the same time with hope and tenderness keep an eye on him, as if for support and protection."It's clear that it is dark," - I thought, and went ... to the pregnant mistress N., who was about to give up the child (her name I was known residence found in the address table).Opened young woman - fat, ugly, very groomed: greasy hair, hands, unfamiliar with manicure, overlaundered robe without three buttons ... To a man like Nikolai, and even having a beautiful wife, pecked at a raspustehu?No, there is clearly something did not fit!When spouses Muscovites again appeared in my office, I asked him in the forehead:
- After Oksana S. pregnant not from you, but from his roommate, right?How much do you pay her for this child?
woman gasped and covered her face with her hands, the man slowly pulled out of the inside pocket of his jacket an envelope, handed it to me:
- If this is not enough, we ...

- Move.Instead, tell me the truth! Where did their erstwhile restraint - like platinum burst.Interrupting each other, the couple splashed most sore.Married 15 years, the last ten were treated for infertility.Money spent on it so much that it would be possible to buy a house on the ruble.We signed a contract with the surrogate mother, the girl from the provinces.Artificial insemination was successful, but in the early stage of her a miscarriage.They themselves have learned about it only after eight months.All this time, she lived with them in the apartment on all ready and mimic pregnancy.Just before the "birth" ran away, taking a considerable amount of money.And now this really bought the baby's last hope.
I broke not one but several job descriptions, but helped the pair to adoption.Let them be happy!

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