How to play with your child at home?

Let's get acquainted!
Light the torch and show the ray of light crumbs.You can use the laser pointer.Ask your child to continue the phrase: light - it ... Help your child to draw a conclusion that light - is a beam that can illuminate objects.

Stolen Sun
Read together with your baby Korney Chukovsky known poem "The Stolen Sun". Of course, the child will understand that the day light, because the sun illuminates and warms the earth. Take a globe or a ball and a normal flashlight. Let imagine a pipsqueakthat the ball - this is our land, and flashlight - the sun. Shine a flashlight on the ball and explain to the kid that day turned one side of the Earth to the Sun and is illuminated by solar rays. These rays allow us all to see during the day. And why we can not seethe dark? pofantaziruet Let the child, but in the end it is important to draw the conclusion that we can see that the light shined.

Ray traveler
have a ray of light is the beginning (source) - all that gives light. Ask your kid to rem
ember and nameas many light sources. It is the Sun, and an ordinary light bulb, and even a candle. The light beam moves very quickly. To prove this, turn on and turn off the flashlight several times.Shine a flashlight on various subjects and tell your child that the speed of light - the fastest, to move with the same speed can not be anything in the world.Suggest crumbs to catch a beam of light.

where to start, where is the end?
Now we understand that catch the light, we can not do.Can we stop it?This question will help answer an interesting experience.Turn on the flashlight and ask the children to find the beginning and end of the light beam.If the beginning is easy to find, at the end of the beam as if not.This is because if the beam does not encounter obstacles Toon continues as long as not lose the power and dissipates.

lost dog
Explain your child that a beam of light is always right, he could not turn aside.The baby is a memorized, perform creative drawing.Give your child preform depicting child in one of the sheet and the other pawl.Tell that kid got lost puppy, and it must be found.Let's draw a flashlight with beam of light that it lit up the lost dog.At the same time remember that a beam of light is always right.

Traps for light
And what will happen if the beam will meet on your way obstruction?Prepare any figurine carved out of cardboard, duct tape, attach it to the cocktail tube or pencil.Put a figure between the wall and the light source, light cardboard figure of a flashlight, the figure is closer to the wall, then to the light.We see a shadow on the wall.The figure is closer to the lamp, the greater its shadow on the wall.The farther from the light figure, the less will be its shadow on the wall.This is because the rays from the light source fan out.If the object is far from the source, it obscures less light and vice versa.

In the theater of shadows
Have your child make a real shadow theater play and it extracts from favorite fairy tales.Take a piece of white cloth on the frame or drawing paper, and paper figures of fantastic heroes.Frame with fabric illuminate a flashlight on the back side.You can start the show!And teach kids fingers showing shadows of different animals.Play with your child's great, is not it?Therefore, spend more time with your child and give him attention.

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