The kid cries all

Of course, if the child is their first.More experienced moms and dads are already what awaits them, and prepare for what will have to jump in at any time of the day and run to the youngest member of the family - to find out the reasons for his dissatisfaction.However, usually a young mother in a few months can guess that cause what is called "the first note," a disgruntled pokryahtyvany ...

main reasons
Crying - almost the only opportunity for the child's first months of life to tell an adult at leastsomething about their desires and requirements. Often, we observe essential. Therefore, the main advice to young parents - not to neglect such a signal, respond to it immediately and in any case not irritated, does not shout ... Your nervous system asWhatever she was tense and tired, still poustoychivee to stress. It is better to find the cause of the crying and make sure that to the kid all was well.

biggest need for the baby - is food. Crying hungry child is special:First baby pokryahtyvae
t quietly grumbling, and then begins to cry - more and louder and more insistent. No talk, persuasion does not help - the baby can be distracted for a few minutes, and then with new force asserts its right to milk.Usually this is accompanied by crying sucking movements of the lips, smacking, "search" breast - the baby will turn head from side to side, and if you care to touch the corners of his mouth - turn head to toe and try to suck it. Trying to teach a newborn to a certain "daily routine" andfed "by the hour" is not responding to his requests for food - a useless and even harmful occupation. In the first week of life the number of feedings depends on the willingness of the youngest member of the family - typically 8-10 times a day, but it could be twice. It is tiring, but nothing helped, nature takes its toll and mothers come in any time to be ready to comfort a crying crumbs using a breast or bottle. Approximately 3-4-th month of the child to establish more convenient for all modes. Howeverby this time, and usually parents are able to recognize the children's requests and demands, gain experience and skills.

If mom enough tons of milk, it is usually a need for liquid feeding completely satisfied, but in the summer heat, when excessivewraps and other situations, when the baby is sweating heavily, it may need boiled water.Well, when artificial feeding to adjust the right amount of water in the mixture is not always possible, so it is a smart move - to offer the child a drink if it is clearly asks for something, but refuses to eat.

dirty diapers
If a baby crying continuously, without the possibility to divert without search behavior - most likely the baby is inconvenient to lay something annoying.Most often it is a wet diaper or diaper, so one of the first movements of an experienced mom near a crying baby - check cleanliness and dryness of ass.Check and change diapers with diapers account for no less than to feed - in the first month of life the baby urinates up to 20 times a day, and stool frequency during breastfeeding up to 5-6 times a day.Dirty diaper needs to be changed immediately (with the obligatory skin care baby!), And even modern "very dry" absorbent need to be replaced as often as every 2-3 hours: they absorb almost all of the liquid, but moisture on the skinenough for irritation.

too tight gum diapers, folds in its infancy, tight swaddling, too, can be the cause of crying. Spread a bed check, does not prevent there something baby. It is better to wear crumbs in sliders and shirts (blouses) provides a comfortable warmth, but does not restrict movement - this anxiety will cause less and more useful for the normal development of the child.

Heat and cold
crumbs can not wrap up too - as, indeed, and putting too easily. The system's own thermoregulationneonatal operates more efficiently enough, so infants susceptible to even small without disturbing adults temperature changes.If fed, clean and dry the child does not want to sleep, "complains" about the inconvenience - check, it may have overheated or frozen. In the first case, usually immediately start sweating neck and forehead and the body temperature may rise to 38C, in the second beforeall become cold nose, her hands and feet. Also the right clothes, should take care of the constant temperature of the air in the room - it is best to keep it around 22C.

crib should not stand in the draft, right next to the window, at rightsunlight - but at the same time, a child needs a clean, fresh air, on the "closeness" and unpleasant odors children also react crying.If you can not turn down the lights in the room to sleep a child - you need something pritenit cot.At night, on the contrary, it is better to leave the dim light of a lamp - then the child will wake up relaxed.

Almost every mother from time to time have to deal with this situation: everything seems to be okay, the baby fed, time to sleep - but instead the baby dull, monotonous crying ... In fact, he wants to sleep - just do notcan sleep.It's with us, adults, not so rarely, especially after the new bright impressions, leaning fatigue.And crumbs every impression - the new, and the effort he spends on its steady growth is not so little.In this case, the child will have lulled - to shift back, stay with him, cuddle, pat, softly singing a lullaby.The baby is important to feel the mother beside her, to hear her calm voice.If the baby does not calm down - you can pick him up, a bit like, clutching to her chest and rocking.But the crumbs must not develop the habit of falling asleep in his arms only - it will not benefit him or you.However, rocking the baby can not only on the hands.Current cots, unlike ancient cradles (knowingly received its name from the word "shake" - to pump), are ill-suited for this, but, nevertheless, means for lulling restless child in the majority of young families there. Unless, of course,they immediately stocked pram, best of all - a sufficiently large and rigid cradle. Lay them no less comfortable than the bed, crawl out of the basket the first weeks of life the baby is not yet able, but to rock it a little shaking and roaring strollerback and forth, it will be much more convenient.
This sharp cry, a loud, high-pitched, slightly shrill. Unfortunately, grudnichki still can not tell us about their feelings, so you need to carefully monitor the behavior of the children to guess the possible cause of the pain.If you have a suspicion that a child is ill - no need to delay calling a doctor, afraid to "disturb on trifles."Even if the doctor does not find anything, you will be calmer.However, you can calm down and the baby - children are always very sensitive to the emotional state of the parents.

This intestinal pain, often seen in the crumbs in the first 3-4 months of life.Child sharply, shrill crying, trying to bend the legs and pressed them to his stomach, blushing.However, the appearance of colic (usually during feeding or through half an hour after eating, especially in the evening and at night) - the result of the restructuring of the bowel, not enough time in the production of enzymes increased volume of food.Contribute to colic, and the entry of air into the stomach during the feeding, and flatulence.Bottle-kids-will require special "antikolikovye" bottle, do not let the air in the nipple with food, and if there are none - we must try to blend completely fills the nipple while the baby to eat slowly.
To prevent colic can before feeding crumbs to give teaspoon dill water or tea with baby fennel. But this - prevention, and what if the colic already begun? So far the best way of emergency - massage. The child should be put on the back and belly rubbing soft circular motion clockwise, just pushing the areaaround the navel (except the lower part; sometimes recommend imagine around the navel baby horseshoe ends down and massaged her contour). Helps light and warmth, for example, overlaying a warm flannel diapers. You can warm it with the help of an iron. You can apply heating pads to the minimum power, rubber "water" too heavy for tummy grudnichka - they kid, on the contrary, lay belly down), warm towels and the like, but remember - the object is to be applied is warm, not hot!If cramps occur regularly, you should consult your pediatrician.He may prescribe medications that reduce flatulence, but can recommend a simple and quite traditional means - an enema or the vapor tube.Some parents are either embarrassed, or afraid of rubber products, but in vain - if a sharp pain in the stomach caused by gases Skopje, a simple rubber tube is sometimes able to alleviate the suffering of the crumbs in a minute.

This - the inevitable cause of child anxiety.But if the eruption is clear, it is easy enough to identify, that one of the characteristics of the initial stage of growth (around the age of 3 months) is often overlooked and not remember her, even when a hungry child suddenly refuses to eat, throwing his chest whileshouting and crying.In this situation, young mothers are often afraid that they "spoil" milk, afraid that the baby will refuse to eat, etc. However, careful observation can be found that crumb cries and refuses the breast are not at each feeding, andOnly sometimes - more often during the day and at the same time, the night feedings can pass quietly. This is due to the growth of the whole body (and teeth too!), which is most active during the day. Another symptom - increased salivation upuntil in the corners of the mouth of small red pimples from the constant moisture - "salivary rash."Typically, such a condition lasts only 2-3 weeks.

And finally, the baby may cry from the simple fact that he was lonely, I want my mother's warmth, love and affection.Do not be afraid to spoil the crumbs - it is simply impossible.Take the child in his arms, cuddle, hug.Sometimes a kid just close enough to see his mother, hear her voice, to calm himself.After all, the world around him is so big and strange, sometimes frightening - and if my mother next, nothing scary.Try to talk with crumbs divert toy, "a campaign" in the next room - but it is important that the child felt while your defense, quiet presence there. The close emotional connection, trust between the baby and the mother wont ask for support - it is now being laid for longfor many years ...