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Caring for the body, face and hair before the wedding

esliv 20 years

10 months before svadby.Zapishis on fitness.

If you are 20 or slightly more than 20, then your exchange veschestvotlichno works and if you are overweight, then deal with it budetlegko.The best way to lose weight in a month to 2 kg, and so continue until pokane attain this goal.To achieve the desired result, you need to zanimatsyaaerobikoy half an hour 4-5 times a week.To achieve better results, nuzhnocheredovat their training.A chtobypovysit effect, it is necessary to do more, and weight training 3 times vnedelyu.Moreover, to exclude izratsiona flour, fat and fried.It is better to lean on fruit, fish and vegetables.Peine less than 2 liters of water a day.

6 months before the wedding .Pick up the perfect shape dlyabrovey.

Often, when people look at your face, then immediately obraschayutvnimanie on eyebrows.Go to a specialist who will determine what form broveytebe perfect, and then try to go once a month on a visit to the master korrektsiyu.Posledny brovyamdolzhen be on t

he wedding day.

There was a time when all the wax and pulled hairs risovalibrovi, but now it is not fashionable.And in this age boleeestestvenno and attractive vyglyadyatsvoi eyebrows with a lively arc.

3 months before the wedding .Kazhduyunedelyu do manicure.

Eslipostoyanno give due time to nails - to care for them, then they do not budutlomatsya, exfoliate and improve their appearance at times.Moreover, since you can not nail biting at the wedding otvolneniya.Another advantage: you can pick up for three months and tsvetlaka the picture that you like best and suitable.If hocheshsdelat French manicure, then do it.Good idea, but not konchikinakras white and solid.By the way, this day is also mozhnootpravitsya to the master, it is beautifully designed to your nails.

2 months before the wedding .Cleanses the skin salitsilovoykislotoy.

If your skin is prone to acne and blackheads, then each denumyvaysya water, which had previously been necessary to add a few kapelsalitsilovoy acid and sulfur.Since bacterial skin becomes less oily skin and fall.But we must remember that otsalitsilovoy acid skin becomes more sensitive, so you need to do kazhdyyden facial massage and always use sunscreen.

1 month.Take care of your hair .

Any hairstyle will look good on healthy well-groomed hair, poetomupriobreti strengthening shampoo, and each time to make a mask for strengthening hair.

wedding day .Think omakiyazhe.

best to make a natural makeup that podcherknettvoyu youth and beauty.Take low-fat semi-matt base and prozrachnuyupudru.They'll help you.

If you are 30 years

8 months before the wedding .Note kozhulitsa.
morning, evening, apply on the face of anti-wrinkle cream with vitamin A. This prevents the appearance of wrinkles, sun kotoryevoznikayut.

6 months before the wedding .Watch out for hands.

Collagen has not produced since 20 years, poetomukozha becomes dry and thin.It is necessary to moisturize and protect your hands with vitamin E. pitatelnymikremami

5 months before the wedding .Priobretite cream against pigment spots.

If you have age-related hormonal pigmentation spotting worries or problems with the color, then nuzhnopoprobovat pyatnovyvodyaschy cream.It needs to be smeared on the spot for 3-5mesyatsev.

4 months before the wedding .Take silovymitrenirovkami.

If you need to lose weight, then the power trenirovkidolzhny be your main occupation.Aerobic exercise will not give takogorezultata, so you should learn the cyclic training, and it will improve serdechnyyritm disappoint muscles.It can be pryzhkina rope, exercises for the triceps, running in place and lifting dumbbells.When kazhdoytrenirovke need to repeat this cycle 3 times.

3 months before the wedding .Ukrepitesvoi hair.

Once uzhvash hormone levels change, hence hair does not stand still, onimogut become dry and lifeless, especially if they are constantly krasite.Priobretite special conditioners and masks for strengthening hair.Already cherezmesyats hair will begin to shine.If the hair is all right, then still take care zanimi because over time the level of estrogen is still declining.

1 month before the wedding .We need to think.

Avoid stressful situations.Approximately 2-3 weeks prior celebrations make mud mask for the face.So vyochistite pores from dirt and will not appear acne.If, however, they were then immediately lubricate them with a special cream without peroxide benzene.So your kozhabystree restored.

wedding day

Do not bright make-up - a person has to be fresh and young.Vospolzuytespodvodkoy, highlight the eyes.Under the cheekbones nanesitematovy natural blush and lipstick, use a dry rack ikremom-shadows neutral tones.

If you are 40 years

8 months before the wedding .Retinolomstoit restore skin.

morning lubricate the skin night cream with retinol, which helps remove stains that are caused by the sun.

6 months before the wedding .Zaymites stretching.

The best thing to do Pilates or yoga.To be strong, coherent and podtyanutoystoit run the program, which will combine the flexibility exercises, aerobics and weight training.Being flexible is especially important at your age, etopolezno for joints.

4 months before the wedding .Buy day and night kremdlya century.

After 40 skin around the eyes is more sensitive, thin and dry.Dlyadnevnogo version suitable creams containing extracts of white birch.A dlyanochnogo cream is better to choose means with ceramides, lecithin and vitamins A IP.

3 months before the wedding .Stoitudelit account lips.

Every day, 2 times moisturize lip balm.

2 months before the wedding .Say "no" artsy hairstyles.

Seychasvam most suitable classic obraz.Mozhno do a bang, it will hide your flaws, such as wrinkles on lbu.Sledite to hair was soft and well-groomed.

1 month before the wedding .Podumayteo cosmetics.

Needless to use powder, it is best to buy tonal cream base, it is better to mask the flaws.Including circles under the eyes.

2 weeks before the wedding .Uvlazhnyaytelitso.

Polzuytesteplym wax for the face to tighten the upper layers of the skin and remove shelushenie.Esli you through life dry skin, then purchase a nourishing night cream.

1 week before the wedding .Care zanogami.

If you're at a wedding in a suit or dress, in kotorombudut open legs, then lighten the skin of the legs or doverteskosmetologu marine cosmetics.

The day before the wedding .Create shine and volume.

Posle40 hair becomes drier and thinner.Therefore, wash your hair with shampoo with pantinolom to give hair volume.

wedding day .Before you apply makeup, moisturize the skin.

Before applying makeup, use a double portsiyupitatelnogo cream, pay attention to the cheeks, and the skin under glazami.Podcherknite features warm tones.Use peach, pink-brown or honey tones for cheeks and eyes.It will emphasize the line of the century.Avot lips better highlight the rich red berry shade ilivospolzuytes your favorite lipstick.

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