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How to choose a host for wedding

In some cases, leading to the need

wedding guests at a wedding can be a different number.When you have a wedding prospective guests will be about 20 people, the toastmaster, you can not invite.Take on the role of lead can be a DJ.For example, he may declare toasts, first dance, wedding cake and so on.. But in the case when invited to a lot of people, you can not do without driving.

that when choosing a host is necessary to consider

first step is to determine the composition of the guests.In other words, someone at the wedding will be more young people and older guests.It plays an important role in choosing the host to the wedding.It depends on how to organize a wedding - or it will be built mainly on a variety of mobile competitions or in a more relaxed atmosphere with plenty of toast.If the number of young people and the number of older people will be approximately the same, it is necessary and competent combination of both.Lead the wedding begin to choose, respectively, with supposedly "set"


On what to pay attention to select the wedding toastmaster

If you are at a meeting with your chosen alleged leading satisfied with his external qualities as well as his manner of speaking, the voice, if it appeals to you as a person, you need to ask and othersnuances.It is his experience, how many people he has worked at weddings.Learn the features of its celebrations, probably has a "highlight".Be sure to check out the full program, which he wants to present.Ask to see videos from previous weddings held leading.Ask how it will look toastmaster, perhaps in a special suit, and perhaps a classic.Also ask about the contest, which he will present at the wedding, they are not vulgar, it is necessary to buy (balls, trophies, ribbons, candy and so on. D.).

also appreciate how clever and quick to comment on the toaster can this or that situation change suddenly, at some point, when a common scenario will have to change.It is important that the presenter was just a great artist, but also a little psychologist.He does not only have to hold contests, talk toast, present guests, but also to be able to involve the interaction of the invited guests.After all, the relaxed atmosphere at the wedding - a guarantee of a memorable and fun event.

to select the wedding toastmaster, you have to decide who you want to see in this role, a woman or a man.In recent years, more and more young men prefer to choose the role of facilitator.He was gallant, attentive, serious about their work.The lady takes the charm and temperament.Women all soul experience this event, so keeping them is more traditional.But the young themselves should determine the choice, sometimes enough just to talk to the man to take the right decision.You can also interrogate their friends already have the wedding, the wedding may have passed to the "scale."Perhaps they kept contacts toastmaster, try to contact them.

should consider when choosing a host that you need to musical accompaniment.In most cases, a toaster works with his DJ.Professional lead without it anywhere.After all, the DJ must use gestures and other signs leading to insert music (fanfare, spacing, and so on. D.), At one time or another.If when choosing a host, you know, he works alone, the guard.A good leader - is the success of an important celebration, because the wedding is the beginning of family life that will be remembered forever.

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