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As people learn to let go?


Sometimes it happens that we feel - human nuzhnootpustit because it would be better for us and him.In this case, neobhodimoproanalizirovat situation to realize that without it your life will change kluchshemu.It would not have ached heart, no matter how tormented nostalgia staraytesmyslit rationally.Undoubtedly, it is very difficult, but nekotoryhsituatsiyah just need to turn off the feelings.Therefore, if you are accepted resheniyarasproschatsya with the person with whom relations have brought trouble pohvalitesebya of rationality and not let be impulsive.Each of nasdolzhen choose the life and the people who bring us spiritual enjoyment iemotsionalnoe.Therefore, if you feel that next to chelovekomvam uncomfortable, you should always let him go.And it is not just about tehsituatsiyah when you hurt.It so happens that the relationship seems to be normal, even good, but you know that this man you are not on the way, poskolkuvy have different views, different attitudes to the situation a

nd so on.In etoysituatsii you should not force yourself, explaining your behavior so that you feel sorry for the person you have been friendly and takdalee.Sometimes we have to let go of old friends, even as myrastёm changing, gain experience, and some people have prostoraskhodyatsya road.And that in the end your relationship did not end vzaimnoynenavistyu, you just need time to disperse and let each other go.

Say "no" nostalgia

Many of us can not let go of the man poskolkupostoyanno think about it, remember different situations, listening to songs, kotoryevyzyvayut associations with him, watching movies with similar stories.Stuckey approach and attitude you will, of course, will not forget for a long time about who you want to let go.In some situations, the men in this regard is easier because they do not have the habit of talking about a hundred times the same, remember every little thing and so on.But the girls are constantly hochetsyavspominat, discuss with friends a man who went out of their lives, as if etoprinosit them some pleasure.If you know chtoyavlyaetes just such a woman, try to literally zapretitsebe indulge in nostalgia.As soon as you feel that you want about anything topogovorit, listen to the song or watch a movie - willed pereklyuchaytesna something else.First you will be very difficult, but eventually vyprivyknite and learn to control their emotions.Indulge in nostalgia, we do want to suffer, because we believe that if you weep all the tears dry, it becomes legche.V this really is the truth: to experience something, you snachalavyplakatsya.But your sadness should not turn into a prolonged depression, which causes a constant nostalgia.So always try to zhitsegodnyashnim day and not think about what it once was.In the past you perezhilimnogo good moments and they have to stay in your memory, but if vybudete live permanently only by them, in the end your life today go podotkos.Always remember this and try on whatever was thinking tolkoo future.

Nebudte selfish

It so happens that we can not release the man, because without it hurt us badly.And it goes like that, chtobyotpustit someone in another city or country, and that just datcheloveku more freedom of action and not to tie itself to one.The fact chtokakimi be good and kind, we were not, every person in their sutiegoistichen.Just some can contain and control their selfishness, adlya someone such behavior is normal.If you can not otpustitcheloveka for this reason, think about what it means is ponyatiekak "true love."If we love a person sincerely and truly, the myvsegda wish him well, always wish that life in which he budetmaksimalno happy.And even if this life will flow into drugomgorode, and even the country, if for this life he needs people besides you, you dolzhnysmiritsya with this man and wish happiness.You do love him, lyubitenastolko much that can not let go.So, guided by svoeylyubovyu, you need to realize that it is for that person schastemi will enable him to get what he wants.Of course, no one says that vambudet easy.But try to imagine how happy he laughs, his eyes kaksvetyatsya.Think about it every time you will be attending the sadness desire to bind man to himself.The more you think about his happiness, the easier it will be to accept the fact that you are not as close as before.Tembolee if this person really dear to you.You just bolshebudete appreciate the meeting.


Very often we can not let a person simply because they are accustomed to certain things, and so pastime on.But fact, we are not tied to a man as a regular life, unto which no surprises andall as if painted beforehand.Naturally, kogdatakoy man disappears, we have a lot of free time to take kotoroenechem and we get scared.That's why we are starting to get bored polyude and try to return them back.But in reality, rather than the pursuit of chtobyzanimatsya past, we need to learn to look for new employment, hobbies so on.Rather than suffer without the person just change svoyuzhizn, begin to do what they could not do with him.I am sure that Vasby desire, which is simply not enough time.Then it seemed to you that without it you may well do, but if you analyze the situation again, but now, when you have svobodnoevremya, rest assured - you will realize how many did not and skolkonevypolnennyh desires that you have.That cook them instead chtobysmotret wall and torturing yourself that your life plan perestalasootvetstvovat schedule, which once formed and became for vasprivychnym.Be sure to pass some time and you will realize that novyyuklad to you is no less interesting than the old one.No need taksilno attached to a certain lifestyle.From time to time all menyat- is very good.So remember this, and the fact that the person vylyubili and possibly still love gave you an opportunity to learn something new.

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