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Can you trust the secretive people?

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often secretive people just did hranitelyamisekretov are ideal.The fact that others are doing the same as with soboy.Poetomu if they do not say anything about his personal life, some secrets and takdalee, even on your own, of course, also spoke.Secretive lyudimolchalivy, so they just do not nuzhnopostoyanno share information.On the contrary, they try as much as possible mensheposvyaschat others in your life and try to learn something about someone.But if vysami come up and tell something secretive man, he is unlikely to budetzakryvat your mouth.These individuals are good listeners.Only Needless to expect advice or tips from a man.If they say toochen little on the case.Often these men and women are simply silent.Therefore, if you are thinking about whether to entrust his secret secretive man, can neboyatsya that betray her public, but do not expect any help and takdalee, if a person is not fully confident in their abilities and vozmozhnostipomoch.


Secretive people often look angry and sullen.Nasamom fact this is not always the case.Such a person is simply absorbed in his thoughts for him is not too important to make contact with society.Although mnogieskrytnye people have friends, and rotate in the companies.They just do not govoryatnichego superfluous.Merry and talkers differing secrecy - rather, it isklyuchenieiz rules.Sociable people just do not know how many remain silent.But quiet and zadumchivyevsegda seem very secretive.But do not assume that secretive people zlyena the world and are willing to literally pounce on you with or without cause.They never vneshnyayamrachnost is the main characteristic of the soul.Secretive people mogutbyt kind, honest, sympathetic and understanding.You just need to find nimpodhod and become quite a close friend.With close to these guys and devushkivsegda show themselves differently.They can laugh and talk, and takdalee.But if a person suddenly begins to frown or sad, do not stir it nuzhnopytatsya or ask what's wrong.This behavior will cause a backlash unego.Secretive people better to leave alone to Onishi could understand svoihproblemah.

Skrytnyei proud

Secretive people very often unbearable gordymi.Oni so proud that just do not like and do not want to ask for help, dazhetogda when it is very much needed.Secretive people and hide svoiproblemy because they believe they have no right to impose on someone your bedy.Bolee that they just frustrating when someone knows about their experiences ipytaetsya help.Proud man always wants to decide everything himself.Egogipersamostoyatelnost sometimes does not lead to the best consequences, Naugatuck person is unlikely to change its tactics and behavior.Secretive ochenchasto people do not talk about something others do not because they do not trust.Prostooni do not want to impose their problems.Such a person may even fib, nolish to you do not worry.Although, if you continue to talk about the proud iskrytnyh, it is worth noting that in terms of confidence in these people is difficult in some ways topridratsya.They are least likely to lie as little to say, and they do not have vykruchivatsyaiz situations where you can casually Shake excess, and then pytatsyaotkazatsya t his words.Therefore, if a private person to a question about where he bylv Sunday night and why five full hours did not pick up, says chtoreshal things to work, but does not want to tell any, to be sure, because there onoi.If a private person called the place where he was, then it's true.The fact that he either says nothing or says part pravdy.Poetomu not necessary to suspect these people in a lie and wait for their storonypodvoha.Subtlety this type of individuals never affects those ktonahoditsya nearby.These people do not cheat favorite and do not even try this sdelat.Oni nothing speak only for the reason that simply do not believe etuinformatsiyu important or somebody needed.Therefore, if your loved chelovekotlichaetsya stealth, do not try to find in his words a lie, watch Catching and so on.Trust what he says.And if you do not say anything, prostoobyasnite you, for example, you need to at least know where he is.Let no one says what he does and with whom, but at least according to your location.Secretive people nasamom fact, quite understand.So if you still rastolkuete bezpridirok and charges, such a person, you will always try to understand and delattak, so that you do not experience, and his personal space does not suffer.


course, is not always a manifestation opredelёnnyhchert secretive nature.It also happens that people are secretive poprostuyavlyayutsya not quite adequate psychological or even mentally.In etomsluchae of no confidence at all out of the question I feel bad, because such a person is not something that you, he himself untrusted.If you notice that a person hides everything possible inevozmozhno as simply afraid of any unknown and incomprehensible enemy, then he can develop paranoia.Such a person mproving trust no specific information, because it can explain eёnepravilno, if not turn against you.In such a situation it is better vsegoobratitsya to a specialist, because such manifestations of secrecy may lead subsequent researchers to a completely inadequate actions, hostility to the relatives so on.Paranoia is different from the usual secrecy that chelovekstanovitsya nervous pull is enough.He can not sit still, emukazhetsya that someone was watching him.In this condition a person may nachatpryatat their things, calling them very valuable, although in fact it obychnyebezdelushki not answer the phone, blame entirely bezobidnyhlyudey that they are spies, and so on.Such behavior is difficult to confuse sobychnoy secrecy, as if secretive chelovekprosto silent and did not want to go into details of his personal life, toparanoik starts hostile attitude to all, everything to hide and hide himself.VTAK situations you can not trust a person just because of the fact that negonarushena psyche and help him neobhodimao good specialist, which irekomenduetsya immediately contact.

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