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Yoga improves the quality of sex life

affair - it's more than just a pastime.It is an indispensable attribute of a healthy lifestyle.Statistically, in sexually active people higher life expectancy and lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.Studies show that hormones produced in the body during orgasm help to transfer acute or chronic pain, prevent depression, obesity, and increase the body's immunity.Yoga And here at what?Yoga makes a pass stronger both physically and mentally, increase endurance, flexibility, self-confidence, emancipation.All these qualities are, of course, and in the bedroom will come in handy.In other words, the more time you spend "pas carpet", sitting in the posture, the more will be your intimate life.

Yoga helps the body to awaken hidden opportunities , deep strength and sexual energy.The sex center, according to the yogis, is located in the pelvis and hips.So, to increase sensuality and pleasure should do exercises that enhance the flow of blood is in these parts of the body (eg, posture "Duet butterflies" or til
ts forward with the legs wide apart).
To increase the intensity of orgasm, should strengthen the muscles in the perineum, the exercises at raising the pelvis.For example, Mula Bandha asana (posture compression of the perineum) tones the sexual and excretory organs, and is a powerful means of sublimation of sexual energy.

addition to increasing sexual pleasure , should strive to improve strength and endurance, practicing, for example, Chaturanga Dandasanu (emphasis lying on all fours: hands and feet).Yoga teaches us to live in harmony with each other, as well as yoga can improve the quality of sex life.If you love your body, you feel comfortable and relaxed, being naked during sex.
doing yoga in a pair with a sexual partner is doubly useful: you and "grows", cultivate, comprehend each other.Steam yoga - is like a prelude to intimacy: you touch each other, quickened breathing, sweating and moving together.And then together reap sweet fruits workouts.The practice of yoga with a loved one, without a doubt, strengthens the relationship.Training helps to feel each other on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.
Try these simple exercises pair of yoga with your partner.

duo butterflies, or a related angle
Affects hips, lower back and neck, which increases blood flow and increases the sensitivity to touch.How do I

Your partner should sit on the floor and the soles of the feet to make to each other.You kneel behind your partner and place your hips into his back to help him keep the spine straight, while he presses the feet and slightly tilted forward.Keep your back straight, neck stretched for several breaths-exhalations.Then, at the same time, tilt the head and bend back.Put your hands on the inside of the thighs and your partner, using the weight of the body, slowly press down his hips to the floor for 4 deep breaths.If he has a bad stretch, press the back of stronger than the hips.

basket of apples
favor.Stretches inner thigh, develops flexibility.How do I

Sit on the floor facing each other, widely spread the legs (in the form of the letter A) rest against each other feet.Put one another's hands at the wrist or forearm.On the exhale, lean forward with a straight back - this time your partner leans back.Continue to hold his wrist or forearm.You should feel the stretch inner thigh.Make 3-4 deep breaths synchronized with slopes.Switched roles: now you lean back, and your partner - ahead.

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