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Coffee cellulite

imagine our life without coffee is almost impossible: the drink helps to cheer up in the morning and spend a relaxed conversation.But that's not all: a series of cosmetics for the correction of Faberlic Beauty Cafe and you will always be in good shape.

path to healthy food

soup - is widespread in many cuisines first course.All its ingredients are ground after cooking into a homogeneous mass.Delicate texture makes soup indispensable in baby food, when it comes time to introduce your baby to solid foods.For the preparation of these dishes is very convenient to use the Steamer and Blender Philips AVENT.

Three Wishes for Cinderella

Pine nuts are rich in substances that contribute to weight loss for the diet and useful for the organism food.The study Korean scientists have come to the conclusion that the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts cedar, stimulate the production of hormones, which send the brain signals about saturation and suppress appetite.Eating only one

tablespoon of nuts, one can increase the content of these hormones in the blood of an average of 50%!The maximum effect occurs in this case after 30 minutes.After such a "meal" a person's appetite for four hours is depressed.

Instead potatoes

Unlike the potato, which is dug out of the ground in the fall, Jerusalem artichoke in winter is not removed.Therefore, overwintered in the ground Jerusalem artichoke tubers are stored in the best possible way: crispy and delicious - vitamins in pure form, is a dietary and useful for the organism food.Since the vegetable able to environmental self-defense, its tubers do not accumulate toxic nitrate, heavy metals and radioactive elements.Nutritionists believe that if we are at least half replaced in the diet relatively little use potato Jerusalem artichoke, it would be much healthier.This recommendation is particularly relevant in the spring when the tubers begin to grow rapidly, which leads to the accumulation in the vegetable toxic substances to the body - saponins.

milk diet

turns out a diet rich in dairy products, prevents the development of Type II diabetes, which is caused by reducing the sensitivity of cells to insulin.US scientists have conducted studies and have proven: milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products prevent the occurrence of insulin-resistance syndrome.Experts suggest that preventive effect due to the high content of milk calcium, magnesium and potassium, which together have an antidiabetic effect.Regular consumption of dairy products may reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system such as stroke and hypertension.

sweeteners trigger weight gain.It is known that sugar - glucose source for dietary and useful for the organism food.If the level of this substance in the blood is normal, you feel like a well-fed.A lack of glucose (as a result of a complete renunciation of sugar) can cause increased appetite, and hence weight gain.

value in the pulp

Apple juice with pulp is five times healthier than filtered.The scientists tested different types of juice on their content of nutrients.It was found that a drink of high purity stripped of most of their useful properties.The fact is that natural impurities rich in polyphenols, which have a beneficial effect on the organism.These materials improve metabolism, normalize blood cholesterol level, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and also have antioxidant and antitumour activity.

In addition, a recent study showed that apple juice has anti-sclerotic effect and beneficial effect on the brain.For the prevention of diseases of the nervous system, nutritionists recommend drinking at least 200 ml of apple juice with pulp per day.In addition, natural apple juice with no added sugar malokalorien.

honey since ancient times was considered one of the main products to promote health and prolong active life.For example, one tablespoon of honey after eating provides the optimal daily calcium ion concentration in the blood.

eliminate excess source of calories!

person can live without water for two to five days.And this is not surprising, because our body is 60-65% water.Water - the main component of all the vital organs (brain, heart, lungs, kidneys), so for the normal functioning of the body is very important to drink a day at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

But sometimes it seems that quench your thirst and fill the body's need for fluid can be like a glass of water and a glass of lemonade.Can not you see the difference?And in vain, because the contribution to the treasury of excess calories do not just pies and drinks.American scientists have calculated that over the past couple of decades, the number of calories consumed us with drinks increased 2-fold.And at times the daily rate is 300 kcal - that is how much is contained in a small cake with butter cream.Admit it, a significant number, especially if you are on the warpath with extra folds on the hips.We know that much easier to digest calories from beverages, than solid food.Soda also are dissolved in water flavors (not always positive), chemical preservatives and, of course, a large dose of sugar.Drinking it all, you provoke metabolic disorders, the development of diabetes and obesity.In the United States today is "holy war" with soda.Give preference to mineral water or green tea - these drinks less calories and your body will bring only benefits.

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