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Apples are considered the most useful fruit

Bull's-eye - a powerful natural source of pectin, a kind of broom employees for the body.We recommend to all, especially those who suffer from excess weight, once a week to arrange a fasting day for which consume a kilo and a half of raw or baked apples and drinking a few glasses of tea without sugar.For such cleaning is now the most time to - harvest fresh rosy apples just filmed, because apples are considered the most useful fruit.

Apple juice is especially good for people's mental work and those who do not move.Well, all the useful properties of apple, of course, do not count, so it's best to simply follow the ancient wisdom: "On the day of an apple and a doctor is not hath need of him."Use apples for pregnant women pretty large set of vitamins because expectant mothers is a must.After all, Apple has a large amount of iron, and so it is advisable to eat a day 2-3 apples, to normalize the digestive functions of the whole organism.Pregnant women should eat this fruit, and nutrients get to the baby

for the proper formation of the fetus.Worldwide, noted that women who drank during pregnancy all kinds of apples, recognized the most useful fruit, vitamin, or other fruit, the rate of illness of their children after birth is much lower than that of mothers ignore the lack of vitamins.The usefulness of apples was proven in ancient times, and recommended that all pregnant women use them every day, picking up these physical health.Therefore, in our time, doctors are advised not to ignore the vitamins for women in which the child develops.

Apple secrets ...

If apples are abundant, they can be dried, only it is impossible for it to take slightly rotten fruit, as do many housewives.Even subtle damage to the fetus are formed poisons (mitoksiny), which are distributed around the fetus, and to get rid of them will even heat treatment.To slices of dried apples were light - put them before drying for 10 minutes in salted water.Note that bake apples so that they do not stick to the bottom should be in the vessel at the bottom of which water is poured.And when cooking more likely to retain the shape of sweet apples and sour quickly boiled soft.

Apple miracles ...

salads, compotes, pies, sauces, desserts, and even alcoholic drinks, jams, jams, additives for meat and fish dishes ... It is unlikely that housewives question arises of how to putin the course of this miracle fruit.Cored, stuffed with dried fruits and nuts, honey and sprinkled it in the oven - ready to dessert!For a semi-meat or game add sliced ​​apples - improved taste!Most use in raw apples, therefore, actively use them in salads.

For example, this:

An apple and two stalks of celery cut into cubes.Add the chopped nuts and hands torn lettuce.Now, dressed with mayonnaise, prisalivaem and serve.

Well, if you too lazy to cook, and want to surprise your loved ones, and the apple tree grows near, then try the following.Choose an apple on the sunny side of the tree, a large and smooth, ripe, but not yet flushed.Cut the foil or other heavy paper initials, for example, her beloved husband, and attach them to the bullseye.Now we wait until the apple ripen and turn red.Remove the paper and see distinct characters - this is a gift!

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