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Useful food for the body and organs

Each of us has a black list of least favorite foods.Let's set aside the plate firmly to the side: of course, lose weight to "hateful" diet can be, but also to undermine the health, thus worthless.The body gives us signals on purpose.For example, if the honey seems too cloying, and candy - too sweet, it seems to have elevated blood glucose levels, hence the sudden dislike for products containing sugar.

When any of them is not enough, there is a craving for food rich in the compound missing in the internal environment.Conversely, if the dish consists of superpoleznyh ingredients and you have a soul to it do not lie, leave food on the plate.For example, excess vitamin A causes yellowing of the skin, such as in pregnant women leads to hypervitaminosis fetal deformity ".

Grocery extreme

" wake up "the food intuition simple techniques can help. Once a week, completely excluded from the diet, salt, spices, alcoholcoffee and chocolate - they adversely affect the taste and smell, suppressing the true gast

ronomic cravings of the body. When choosing products, focuses not only on the list, but also on the sense of smell ...: it will tell you what your body needs now. Preparing healthy food forand internal organs of the body, try to expose the minimum food products processing. It will awaken taste.

Phenomenon "glutamate trap", which cater to almost the entire population of the planet, hooked on chips, popcorn, crackers, peanuts and hot dogs (in sausages and sausage, too short of a food additive), as well as oriental cuisine (Japanese and Chinese restaurants glutamate put on the table instead of salt), it is the focus of scientists.

However, the more developed the intelligence of our ancestors, the finer taste and become more noticeable differences in his perception between the sexes.

ham, bacon, bread and butter disgust?It's time to make ties and gall bladder - it is possible that it is inflamed or stoned.The liver does not hurt to check.Hate semolina?You may not hvatanet calcium.Its deficit is at 30,5-33,1% of women.Semolina "acidifies" internal environment and helps to eliminate this important macro element of bones and teeth.Dreaming of a chocolate bar?It looks like you overcome depression, to deal with assisted contained in chocolate magnesium, caffeine and theobromine.

go crazy
of seafood dishes?Most likely, your cells do not have enough iodine and selenium, which is not uncommon for those who live far from the sea.Just do not eat too much seafood at once!Otherwise, the body receives excessive iodine load on which the thyroid gland react unpredictably.In some, it increases the production of hormones, which leads to poisoning of - hyperthyroidism, and others, on the contrary, reduces endocrine production, it helps slow metabolism and weight gain.

"hooked" on the nuts and soy sauce?Apparently, due to overwork and stress hormones the ovaries decreased: Vitamin E contained in nuts, increases the activity of the gonads, and soy are plant compounds that are structurally similar to the female hormone, and make up their deficit.Ready to eat a whole head of garlic or onion?It looks like a problem with immunity - beware of cold!Or maybe you just overeaten meat?Onions and garlic are actively help the body to digest animal protein.Eat plenty of wholesome food for the body and internal organs, and you will feel better than anyone.

not like yogurt, sauerkraut, sour juice?Most likely, you have increased the acidity of gastric juice.You, on the contrary, it's tempting to sour?Then she lowered.

Strokes to figure

diet-not just a change of diet and refusal of certain products.An important part of the process of losing weight is that you think about that.Your ideas, expectations, mood for change - they have a complete picture on which to a large extent depends on whether you want to achieve harmony.

Take a piece of paper and something than can be drawn.You need to sketch a picture on the theme: "I am on a diet."You can draw anything you want, for 5 minutes.Do not worry about the quality of "web" and their artistic abilities - he will not have to share with anyone.It's - test.So, what you portrayed?

yourself with positive
.For example, it emphasized a slender, beautiful, or at some pleasant situation (wedding, the sea, the holiday).This pattern suggests that the diet does not occupy a special place in the mind and not much affect your condition.Sometimes you have the dissatisfaction, but on the whole the appearance of life and you are satisfied.What is your motto: "Everything should bring joy."Its you apply even to restrictions, including in their diets.You are capable of long, but not very strict diet (for example, excluding only flour or just ice cream).If there is a need for strict limitations, you'd better find a staunch ally and leader - nutritionist.Under the supervision of the you are able to achieve much better results.

himself negatively
.Gloomy expression, chubby cheeks, overly full figure nezastegivayuscheesya dress - even one of these signs shown in your picture is alarming.Diet you perceive as punishment for being bad look, and for the fact that things are not so composed in his life, as we would like.But remember the basics of pedagogy.Only rare punishment going to benefit and help to achieve the goal, and that if incentives still more.So stop berating yourself for overweight.Smile more often, going to the mirror.Buy it for yourself (or rather, for your body - once you until the conflict) something beautiful and pleasant.Of course, no diet can not do, but you need a change not only in food but also in the perception itself.

products.If the figure you paid more attention to the product than itself, depicting in great detail what is recommended, or, on the contrary, it is forbidden, then you are probably tired.Tired of searching for the ideal diet, tired of fighting with overweight.Each time hoping for a miracle when he heard about the new power systems, which have helped someone lose weight, but each time disappointed.The diet will not help you.Not because you basically can not change.Just your mood greatly affect the success and listening to the promptings of the body.If you think to yourself: "Although what you eat, as it was the fat woman, and it will stay," the body as it will program itself to be complete.Meditate in a relaxed atmosphere, what he wants, what he lacks, what he would be more comfortable?Maybe he needs a sport, not a diet?

caricature or ridiculous pictures
.Maybe you pictured yourself with a plate of oat on the background of the poster "Down with the sausage!".Or, conversely, eating the cake while talking on the phone: "My dear, buy yogurt, I on a diet."It is good that you can laugh at themselves - the surrounding appreciate you for it.After all, they can make fun of you or your meal plan.For the general atmosphere is a positive thing, but the process of losing weight interferes.After all, you are so easily persuaded to break the diet!It turns out that you're talking about diet often, but in reality are constantly entering into an agreement with them."Now I shall eat all the candy, but tomorrow the whole day will only drink water" - such decisions are harmful not only figure, but also health.You come regularly fasting days or short-term (5 -7 days) diet.

.If a proposal to draw themselves on a diet you are angry: "I and so hard, and I must also draw!", The diet and the results are very important to you.And they have much more sense than the figure correction.You want something (or someone) to achieve, but for whatever reason did not happen.Not surprisingly, the talk is now about diet and dropped kilograms cause you aggression or irritation.Like the look of those who, in your opinion, everything goes in vain, without difficulty.If this is not a complete list of what you are experiencing irritated reaction, then you need to urgently deal with itself.Do not be amiss to read books on the psychology of relationships, will benefit from the consultation of a therapist.Relationships can not be folded, success does not come.But that's only the perfection of the figures, as well as its shortcomings, is almost never the reason for this.