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The role of water in human nutrition

Water is the universal solvent.She is involved in the regulation of body functions.Due to a sufficient amount of water it provides access waterborne elements (nutrients and chemicals, hormones) to the most important organs.Reaching dehydrated cell, the water starts vital chemical and physical processes.

Water reduces appetite and helps burn fat accumulated in the body.It is proved that the lack of it in the body leads to an increase in body fat stores, and vice versa - a sufficient amount of water helps the body to reduce such stocks.This is because water provides the normal functioning of the kidneys.Her lack of results in that the kidneys can not cope with their work on processing of certain products and some of them are released into the liver.In turn, the liver performs one of the most important functions in the body - the processing of fat in a person the necessary energy.If the liver has to take on the work of the kidneys, it ultimately did not handle the job.As a result, it burns less fat, more

of it is deferred.

Eating adequate amounts of water, we provide a good fluid exchange.The body, which receives less water, including the so-called "protection" and tries to save every drop.The fluid in our body is stored in the intercellular space - hence the swelling of the feet, legs and hands.Temporarily cope with this disease diuretics.Along with water, the body they take him and important matter.Organism again comprises "protecting" and again accumulates them any liquid, which leads to deterioration.To avoid such a problem, we just need to give your body plenty of water.

If you have been a violation of water metabolism, it is most likely the reason for that salt.Sodium carry our body can only in small quantities.The more we use the salt, the more water is required to dissolve it.Therefore, to get rid of excess salt, you need to drink more.All the rest of the work will take the kidney.

Exchange of obese people are at higher load than the exchange of people with normal weight.Therefore, people who are overweight need to use more water.Water helps maintain muscle tone necessary to protect against dehydration during their muscle contraction.It also prevents sagging of the skin, which can be observed with weight loss.Water clears the body of excess material, for example, burned fat.

Water also helps with constipation.When the body senses a lack of water, he begins to search for its source.And the first such source is the large intestine that leads to constipation.But enough water normalizes the bowels.

How much water should a person drink?An average of about eight cups (200 ml).Overweight people should drink more - per one additional glass for every 12 kg of excess weight.More people need to drink, play sports, as well as hot and dry weather.Thus it is better to use cold water, because it is quickly absorbed by the body, and according to some experts, helps burn more calories than warm.

sufficient amount of water in the body contributes to the excellent balance of fluid in it.This allows him to make so-called "breakthrough."This means that:

- an improvement in the work of the endocrine glands;

- the withdrawal of excess water, and reduced stocks of liquid;

- the liver processes more fat into fuel;

- returns the natural thirst;

- in the evenings people rarely experience hunger.

If there is a cessation of sufficient water, then again violated fluid balance in the body begins to accumulate water, increasing the weight, the natural craving disappears.To improve the situation it is possible, by going back in time, and provide a new "breakthrough."