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These and delicious chocolate paste

But is it really?

Pasta can be spread made a la of milk or dark chocolate, thick and viscous or more "viscous" consistency - it all depends on the imagination of the manufacturer.By the way, at home, too, can "draw" is a nice addition to pancakes and cheesecakes.And most of these recipes and delicious chocolate spreads begin with the words: "Take the cocoa powder ...".That raises the question: "Was there a chocolate?"

Chocolate deception

Real chocolate is prepared on the basis of cocoa and cocoa butter, which are derived from cocoa beans.Particularly valuable component is cocoa butter.Thanks to him, chocolate, being both hard and brittle product, melts in your mouth delicious.But the food cooked on the cheap cocoa butter substitute, "sin" margarine unpleasant aftertaste and stick to the sky.

Judging from the name, these pastes contain just two delicious and useful components, nuts and chocolate.Pasta is good for making sweet tea sandwiches and a variety of desserts.You can try to use it for coo

king of the famous dessert tiramisu or make her a sweet filling for pancakes.

But if you carefully read the composition of the present and the delicious chocolate paste, it is easy to see that the real chocolate in their structure simply does not.Its role is successfully carrying out the cocoa powder, which provides a beautiful color, smell and taste chocolate.Instead of expensive cocoa butter in the composition introduced cheaper vegetable fats, so paste very affordable.It turns out cheap and tasty.

Benefits composed

open question and nuts.The most common pasta with the addition of hazelnuts, but on the basis of peanuts or almonds is also possible to create a "sweet miracle."Some pastes are composed specified, limited part of the producers only nutty flavor.Of course, the real nuts more useful they smell!

Besides cocoa, nuts and, of course, sugar, and as part of this delicious chocolate pastes found this ingredient, lecithin, an emulsifier E322 alias.This agent is responsible for the "right" and uniform consistency of the product is included in the group of lecithin phospholipids contained in vegetable oils.Studies have shown that no adverse change in the use of lecithin in the body does not occur.

Beware recipe

Technology cooked pasta at first glance very simple: Mix all the ingredients - and ready.But if you try to cook at home to a product, it becomes clear that the need for and the experience and skill, and most importantly - quality components.Of course, homemade pasta and chocolate can be a real add nuts and favorite not regret, but a much more expensive product will pushdown goodies.And if you do not comply with the right proportions of ingredients, the paste may get too thin or too thick.The ratio of nuts and cocoa are also important: they should not "hammer" the taste and complement each other.Too much cocoa powder in the composition - and pasta get bitter, too much sugar - cloying, and "bust" with fat, even with this butter, is fraught with not obtaining a paste and peanut butter.

"Fat" compromise

Resigned to the fact that the chocolate paste made from vegetable fat, is to find out: 'How is he and trans? "With this scientific term you need to understand.

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