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Useful advice on nutrition for pregnant women

During pregnancy diet must be properly adjusted.Usual breakfast, lunch and dinner should be light to enrich the lunch and afternoon tea, that is, the day you have to sit at the table at least 4-5 times.It is better to eat little but often, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, when a woman often feels bad and her sick from one sight or smell of food.Remember that even during toxicosis complete rejection of food is not allowed.If nausea makes tea with lemon, cranberry, and others.

nutrition of pregnant women should be full, that is, it must have sufficient and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates.Do not forget about wholesome food now because the body needs a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals that affect fetal development.On prescription take vitamin complexes for pregnant women.

During the day, a pregnant woman should be properly employed to distribute food and products.For example, meat, fish, eggs to eat in the morning, that is, for breakfast and dinner, and dairy and vegetable

products are useful to have in the evening, that is, at lunch and dinner, respectively.

Equally common question of all pregnant: what to eat and what is not?Read and shakes on a mustache!

Bread and flour products.

can eat bread with bran, bread from wheat flour, no fancy pastries, biscuits.It is not recommended to eat bread and flour, puff pastry, muffins.

Soups and broths.

Soups should eat during pregnancy every day.It is better to cook the soup in the secondary meat broth: soup, beetroot soup, cabbage soup.It is not recommended to cook strong broths and chicken soup.


Prefer lean meats: boiled beef, veal, rabbit, poultry (without skin only).Cutlets better not to fry and steamed or baked, the same goes for the meatballs and meatballs.Avoid eating fatty meats, sausages, store-bought ravioli, smoked sausage and smoked meat, canned meat.


should also choose lean fish: cod, hake, saffron cod.It is better to cook the fish steamed or boiled.Not recommended to eat crab sticks, salted fish, fatty fish, canned fish.

Cereals and cereals.

excellent dish to become pregnant buckwheat, rice, millet, corn, oats, wheat, barley porridge.Also useful are beans, peas and beans.But from the semolina in all its forms should be abandoned during pregnancy.


the day, you can eat 1-2 eggs as an omelette, or hard-boiled.Avoid raw and fried eggs.

milk and milk products.

store bought milk should be boiled before drinking.You can drink kefir, fermented baked milk, eat yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream with low fat levels.Do not drink raw milk or eat spicy and heavily salted cheese.Before you eat or drink dairy products, be sure to check out their shelf life.

fruits, vegetables and berries.

All fruits, vegetables and berries are best to eat in its natural form and fresh.In the diet of pregnant introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables.The berries are particularly useful cranberries, blueberries, cranberries, blueberries.If you suffer from allergies, do not eat fruits and vegetables in the colors: red, orange, black.


can occasionally indulge yourself jellies, jams, desserts, candies, but in moderation.It is better to give up chocolate and cakes with fat cream.Chewing gums during pregnancy simply unacceptable.

Snacks and condiments.

Prefer fruit and vegetable salads, vinaigrettes, vegetable caviar.Do not abuse hot sauce, pepper, vinegar, horseradish and mustard.


juice, jelly, fruit compote, juice, green tea, black tea rather weak, weak coffee, herbal teas - all you can drink.Alcohol, black tea and coffee, soda - a pregnant woman can not drink.

watch your diet, because of its quality depends on the health of your future crumbs.

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