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Bread - fragrant and useful product

Dr. bread

rare family sits at the table without bread - fragrant and useful product.And rightly so: 350 grams of this unique product provide 50% of the daily body's need for carbohydrates, proteins in the third of the norm, more than half of the B vitamins, phosphorus and iron salts.In short, the bread gives us the necessary supply of vital substances.But there is a significant caveat: all baked loaves of different recipes, so the impact on our health have unequal.Scientists of the Institute of Biochemistry.AV Palladin Sciences of Ukraine as a result of research found that unleavened bread made from sprouted grains are much healthier products, baked according to traditional yeast technology.

Nutritionists recommend to include it in a health diet, and especially - the diet.Scientists have discovered that this bread improves the health of those who suffer from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system with a high level of blood cholesterol, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity and disorders in t

he digestive system, especially those related to diseases of the intestine.Bread made from sprouted grains and contributes to improvement in the psycho-emotional overload.These findings not only the domestic researchers: physicians of the American Association for the Study of hearts believe that complementing the meal products from germinated grains, can significantly increase the vitality of the body.According to the American Gastroenterology, each person should consume daily at least 100 grams of products containing the sprouts.They help to strengthen the heart muscle, preventing heart attacks and hypertension.

From what test did you do?

What is different from the usual bread bread - fragrant and useful product from sprouted grains?Baton baked from a conventional meal contains a significant amount of simple carbohydrates that activate a sharp release of glucose into the blood.Her body converts the excess into glycogen (starchy substance), and save for a rainy day in the liver and muscles in the form of fat.That is why the true opinion that recover from the flour.In addition, products from white flour cause us an instant burst of energy.But, the same occurs quickly and slump (due to lower blood glucose levels).

Baking dough
based sprouted grains, on the contrary - contains mostly complex carbohydrates that have a high biological value.They are slowly digested.But the longer we do not want to eat after this piece of bread - complex carbohydrates for a longer time saturate the body and digested gradually without causing sudden changes in blood glucose levels.

That is why this bread - fragrant and healthy products is very good to lose weight - and without any harm to health.And further.The less technologically processed product, the more it remains useful substances: baking dough based sprouted grains contain fiber, which removes toxins and poisons, promotes normal functioning of intestinal microflora.Compare: in slices of sprouted grain contains 1.9 grams of fiber, and a piece of regular white - only 0.6 grams.A series of experiments demonstrated that to improve the overall health of half of the diet should be the products of grain.Emphasis is desirable to do on products from cereal grains germinated.

Birthday loaf

As born grain miracle?Standard technologies include a method of: pre-germinated grains exfoliate shell, and then grind it into flour.But it was in the shells and embryos grains contain a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber (fiber), plant hormones and other vital substances to humans.

After eating
tissue tends to swell, causing the feeling of satiety, it nourishes biofloru intestine, but most importantly - makes it work.The Ukrainian company has developed a technology of making bread from germinated wheat and rye.This product does yeast, chemical leavening agent, and flavoring agents.It is baked according to old recipes of our ancestors - the cereal leaven.It significantly improves the taste of the bread.The sprouts rich in vitamins (especially B and E), macro- and micronutrients, amino acids, fatty acids, which are readily absorbed by the body.Enzyme activity in the composition of such bread promote rapid absorption of proteins and starch - the latter is partially converted into malt sugar, and this makes it easier to digest.Each loaf can be stored for several days without losing their beneficial properties.It is incredibly delicious: crispy solid under his Gorbushka lies unusually delicate crumb.This bread?

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