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Caviar - expensive and capricious guest

relationship with this delicate products, reminiscent of a scattering of red beads, recommend to build almost romantic scenario: first flirt - a few eggs for the appetite before a meal, then a little temptation - pancakes with caviar cream mass and, finally, real pleasure - a couple of spoons"heaped" straight from the crystal, German silver or silver ikornitsy, "sits" on podikornitse crushed ice.In cases of especially solemn his triumph delicacy revels in a vase from this ice!The main thing - that was real and caviar!

Caviar Etiquette
«At the same table" with red caviar - an expensive and capricious guest, is allowed to be very few dishes: a slice of white bread with butter, toast, half a hard-boiled eggs or pancakes.Sometimes it is served as a side dish (!) To smoked salmon, it is decorated with some salads, mostly seafood, with her make sushi.But in general, eggs - are extremely capricious guest.She agreed to make the company of noble blood or vodka, "a young Frenchman refined" from a dynasty of

Chardonnay.However, the knight of her heart of the Champagne region - a real Brut: Only he is able to magnify his lady - caviar - an expensive and capricious guest indefinitely.

Caviar roster
Red caviar (in contrast to the black, which is extracted from sturgeon) is obtained from salmon.The main thing with its processing - strict adherence to procedures.It considered the finest caviar Kets.Its seeds orange red glimmer, rather large, hiding in a thin elastic plenochke little watery and contain little fat.Pink salmon eggs are light yellow and orange, shiny and round, their names on our table can meet more often."Eggs" sockeye small enough to have a kind of spicy flavor with a slight bitterness that gourmets our latitudes is not very pleasant.But the Europeans, he came to taste.The eggs differ in dark red, the color of beetroot and tender plenochkoj in this much fat calf.Trout eggs gives us the elastic medium in size and bright red color.They are a little tacky and quite salty.

Caviar recipe
Besides that caviar is delicious, it is also very useful.That is why caviar recommend "messing" expectant mothers, it prescribed for people weakened, suffered a severe illness or surgery.However, it is enough to treat the salt, and in large quantities can cause food allergy.So if we eat with a spoon, it is very rare and very small!Let is an exquisite delicacy!

caviar games
New technologies spawn learned to "grow" in vitro.This is an alginate caviar, based on - agar or alginate derived from seaweed.This jelly form eggs.They say the product useful, but managed to forge ... everything except flavor and texture.However, a substitute can be found, and for the price - it is twice cheaper.But recently, very few people come to mind to give him for a natural product.Really very easy to "expose".Eggs to the eggs.Color and tenderness of eggs depends on the maturity of fish and season her collection: the "older" the fish, the fish harder and whiter grains.The best caviar is considered to be mined in the late summer.Therefore, you need to select a jar, which squeezed manufacturing date from July to October.The cans lies mostly salmon, her time in June - the month of July.In a glass container, as well as in bulk flaunt more expensive coarse - its time September-October.

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