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Choosing the right combination of products

So, choose the right mix of food!

In order that the body can digest products belonging to different groups (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), it allocates a variety of substances (alkali acid).If you eat food mixed, the stomach allocates both alkalis and acids, which burn themselves to each other, and the products remain "intact".In order to stomach "worked" right food should be consumed for groups!

combination of products in groups!For proteins include products such as beans, eggs, fungi, nuts, grain.The group of proteins, are also products of "live" origin other than butter and lard!Eggplant also refer to proteins of plant origin.

As for carbohydrates!These include sweets, foods that contain starches (corn, barley, wheat, oats, zucchini, pumpkin), sweet fruit, and others.

Sugar, honey, jams, syrups - it refers to sweets.Carrots, cauliflower - are among the groups moderately starch.

Fat - it's vegetable oils and animal fats.To include animal fats such as ghee, butter, sour cream and cream with a hi

gh fat, fat.And also some of the fruit (sour apples, plums and grapes, all kinds of citrus, dates, figs, persimmons, dried fruit).

How to choose the right combination of products?

acids combined with starches bad because acid "eat" the substances necessary for the digestion of starches.The combination of starch and proteins, too, is not positive.

combination acids and proteins.For the processing of proteins, the body will need pepsin and acidic foods will lead to a reduction in the amount allocated pepsin, which had a negative impact on digestion.

negative combination is a pair of proteins and fats.Because fats inhibit the process of production of gastric juices.

combination of sugars with proteins and sugars from the starch too negatively.

Dairy products from the very birth of the person are used as a single meal!Milk, by the way, a person need only in early infancy!Because in an adult, it's bad enough to digest in conjunction with other products.Therefore, it is advisable to use the milk separately from other food.

As for desserts, they do not benefit the human body in any way!They are very poorly digested and inhibit the digestion of other foods.Especially harmful desserts chilled, because it is a hindrance to the work of digestive enzymes.

So how did choose the right combination of products?There are many different theories and methods for the selection of the correct diet.Today, it is a separate food quality!But this process is not enough for each person's own will power, although separate power supply is considered to be very high quality.With this diet, it displays all the toxins from the body and rejuvenates the body.Also, there are all sorts of tables, designed by scientists in the process of long-term experiments in which the horizontal and vertical directions specified product names, and at the intersection of rows and columns can be determined - combining these products or not!

Good luck to you if you select power!