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Frozen fresh gifts of nature

Advanced Europeans have long appreciated the benefits of frozen fresh gifts of nature (fruits and vegetables): Modern methods allow freezing save them a lot of vitamins, while preserving and drying - half.And even fresh - "off-season" - the gifts of nature, brought from far away, can not compete on its beneficial properties with frozen branches or directly from the beds with fresh gifts of nature.Besides "freezing" - a real lifesaver for housewives, for tasty and healthy can be prepared in minutes: do not have anything to wash, clean, cut, and the heat treatment of semi-finished much less.

Gifts of Nature in "shock."The idea to urge low temperatures aid in the preservation of the products originated long ago.It all began with the Italians, with their refrigeration engineer, or rather, with his aunt.She was famous kulinarka and prepared, especially vegetable dishes are so delicious that after lunch, many guests just became vegetarian.One grief - she had to cook a lot, cleaning and cutting the gifts

of nature takes a lot of time, besides the port and they quickly before cooking lose their marketability.What to do?The technology used slow freezing old enough only for poultry and meat: the vegetables, freezing, turns into a big block of ice, and the ice crystals literally tore the flesh of the plant, which, after thawing turned into a tasteless and enkrasivoe "puree."And how then to be with frozen fresh gifts of nature?To help the aunt hurried nephew, and his colleagues invented a "fast" freezing at very low temperature which prevented the liquid inside the fruit collected in large pieces of ice.Now this idea is polished to near perfection, so that we have today "shock" freezing.However, not all vegetables are suitable for freezing.

, cucumbers are not suited for this, and the tomatoes, after thawing, are suitable only for processing.Breeders had to work hard and to create special varieties of peas, well-transporting low temperatures.

colored mixes.Among vegetable brethren are very popular various appetizing platter.Admire our gourmet mixes with cauliflower, peppers, corn, green beans, "Mexican", "French" and "Italian" of the mixture.More and more are in vogue frozen mushrooms, especially porcini, chanterelles, honey, butter and, of course, mushrooms.Nutritious, tasty and very nicely produced vegetable mixes with rice.There is a mixture that is enough to unfreeze (better in the microwave or under hot running water without opening the package) - and ready basis for Olivier or risotto.Every now and then appear on the market trends, such as kukuruzka frozen directly on the cob, or olives.And recently in large supermarkets you can find racks with the "freezing" in bulk and make their own vegetables any composition.

By the gifts of nature
true winter cherry and company.If the majority of vegetable "frost" to us still come from abroad - from Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, - it's our domestic frozen berries, especially the forest, began to use more and more popular in Europe.Lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries are we, as a rule, primary processing, but still frozen on high quality equipment abroad.And it is possible that return to us as the imported product.But the freeze in the freezer can be your own cherries, strawberries and currants.Although the berries whole and will not be, nor is even fit for the pies and compotes.Pears, peaches, melons little taste bitter after thawing, but the plums and apricots are delicious and it kept this "exam."If you want to prepare, say, raspberries or strawberries in winter, you can roll them to not frozen together in sugar.We

together until spring.For all its "Nordic" character of the gifts of nature frozen identified for very delicate relationship, like the strict observance of storage conditions and can not stand re-frozen.How to choose the right?Note the appearance: if the components are well separated from each other, have no appreciable ice - a quality product.After thawing should appear appetizing smell nice.Concelebrated the service and the information on the package: information about the manufacturer, composition, mode and timing of storage, normative references.

Defrost vegetable fructo-
wealth better right in the package.If you are going to their semi-finished cooking or frying, they are generally not necessary to defrost.Remember that frozen berries, fruits, vegetables should not be washed before consumption: while lost nutrients and affect the taste.Download they need in boiling salted (sweetened) water, and the right thing - in a double boiler.And then you will have a better chance to hold out until the spring of beriberi and not in a good mood