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The discharge day on buckwheat

In this article, we will focus on is quite simple and neobremenitelnomsposobe weight loss.And even in the gym do not have to be recorded and suspicious muchitsvoy body diet pills or strict diets.

good alternative to all this is the discharge denna buckwheat.And note that this is not a diet.Needless ostavatsyagolodnoy whole day, buckwheat does not lead you to a hungry fainting.Vampridetsya suffer only one day.And as a reward for the effort: odinkilogramm minus a day.If the information you are interested in, then stoitostanovitsya on the use of this magic cereals.

So, the fact that buckwheat is useful, is well known.Nonemnogie know what exactly caused its usefulness for the human body, and it has kakoyeffekt when dropped extra kilos.

revealed that buckwheat contains a number of trace elements - copper, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, potassium.This cereal is rich in vitamins such as P, vitaminamigruppy (B1, B2, B3, B6).An important feature of the buckwheat is that it prisutstvuetrutin which

reduces permeability and fragility of blood vessels.More odnimvazhnym component of buckwheat is lysine.This is one of the essential amino acids needed for usvoeniyaorganizmom calcium.Lysine is not synthesized in the human body, so aminokislotadolzhna in the right quantities to do with food, and in this case, buckwheat -the most suitable product.

top of buckwheat contains a lot kolichestvopischevyh fibers.The last is very useful, as clean the intestines of toxins, improve digestion, increases peristalsis, strengthen stenkikrovenosnyh vessels.Please note that buckwheat is characterized nizkimglikemicheskim index, which means a slow rise in blood glucose kroviposle its use.This feature makes buckwheat versatile product that can be consumed even by people suffering from diabetes.

fasting day sgrechkoy

So, in the use of buckwheat have no doubt, but to use it in kakimobrazom fasting days?It is recommended to fill 250 g of buckwheat in the evening dvumyastakanami boiling water.Cover with a lid, roll up in a towel or blanket and zaparivat so all night.In no case can not be added to the buckwheat salt, sugar, butter.It is better to eliminate these foods from the diet, or even be in the fasting days in the buckwheat.

Nutritionists recommend to drink low-fat yogurt buckwheat ilivodoy, admissible and mineral water.Allowed to drink 2.5 liters of mineral water a day, so drink to health.Two cups of steamed buckwheat, divide into neskolkopriemov food.Kefir is better to choose low-fat and eat no more than 1 liter.

Secret buckwheat vpohudenii

Many may be skeptical and predstavlennoyinformatsii to doubt the effectiveness of the method in dropping lishnihkilogrammov.After all, this diet leaves a woman well-fed, so how can you lose weight, and for one day?

buckwheat The secret is simple.The fact is that buckwheat vsochetanii with yogurt gives some laxative effect.Kishechnikauvelichivaetsya peristalsis, which helps cleanse the body.And this is the first step ivazhny to health and beauty.

In connection with this feature of the discharge day on buckwheat ikefire, we recommend to stay at home so as not to get into an uncomfortable situation.

Types unloading nagrechke and features

unloading buckwheat can turn into a severe ispytanietolko for those who can not live without salt.So people buckwheat porridge without solipokazhetsya rather tasteless.Perhaps many people would be immediately rejected etotvariant getting rid of extra kilograms, if nutritionists offered no vyhodiz tasteless bessolnoy situation.There are two ways to make a diet vkusnee.Vo First, buckwheat before steaming can add dry kelp inastaivat together all night.

Secondly, already steamed buckwheat can zapravitnaturalnym soy sauce, which will give a taste of porridge.Please note that the use of dietologidopuskayut four tablespoons Japanese refueling a day.In etomsluchae have to choose between unloading days on buckwheat and kefir or zhezamenit last for soy sauce.In any event, it should neither affect the outcome koimobrazom unloading.

Another option that allowed nutritionist etozamena mineral water to green tea with lemon and honey.Permission takzhegrechku drink chamomile broth.It was revealed that these drinks odinakovosposobstvuyut eliminate toxins accumulated in the human gut.A cleansing -straight path to weight loss.

Do not sit in the fasting days only naodnom yogurt.According to nutritionists, such a restriction is not desirable, because the body needs more water than food.

And finally, remember that the unloading days nelzyazloupotreblyat.As they say, everything should be in moderation.Lose weight on buckwheat mozhnoli once a week, and in the remaining days of your choice on the right, a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, engaged fizicheskimiuprazhneniyami - all this will make you healthy, slim, beautiful.