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Fasting day on apples

talk about the benefits of apples

Apples do not contain a lot of calories quickly nasyschayutchelovechesky body.They mnogovitaminov A, E, C, group B, plus a sufficient amount of nutrients.Knim include iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and magnesium.Apples sozdayutpoistine powerful anti-aging effect, due to the presence of flavonoids are polyphenolic compounds andother.Apples rejuvenate the skin and tissues of the body, it produces clean and well-toned.Fruits significantly improve obmenveschestv.

can significantly improve your health and save uymudenezhnyh means eating every day just one apple.If eating apples throughout the day, you can clean the intestines and improve your body.

Terms razgruzochnogodnya

Before you go shopping, remember a few rules that you must observe the following day.And no less vazhnozamechanie - please be patient.It will become your indispensable sputnikomzhizni.

  1. Apple Day includes not only diet but also a decrease in physical activity.This means that if you do
    jogging every day, then you have to cancel it.Even the most entertaining shopping brings more fatigue than good.And what you would expect with an empty stomach?
  2. not stretch fasting day for two days.We know and understand that you want to lose weight pretty quickly, but do not overdo it, otherwise a high risk that you will get indigestion with the general weakness of the body for the rest of the week.
  3. The day before unloading drink a laxative.It will help cleanse the intestines.After fasting day is over, drink the infusion of choleretic herbs that will help get rid of the stagnation of bile.It occurs due to the limited supply.
  4. achieve the maximum effect from the apple diet helps sauna or going to the salon for a massage.
  5. If you lack the willpower, we suggest you remove all food from the refrigerator, before beginning the process.No different delicacies that will knock off track.Let the refrigerator will only fruit and yogurt.Then you will be able to resist the chop, and asks that in your mouth.
  6. So time passed, discharge day is over, and the balance is again stopped at the digit.You decided to go with joy in a restaurant or cafe and celebrate this thing.Stop!Wait a little bit.You do not need to order anything on the menu offer.Think about what happens after you eat ordered goodies.This will help to refrain from such a move.Abundant power immediately after fasting will lead to indigestion, and possibly diarrhea.

You do not want to spend all day in the toilet?No, it vovsene means that you should stay home and not go anywhere.Just remember this, order a light meal.

Menu and instruktsiirazgruzochnogo day

So you've emptied the refrigerator.We bought a lot of apples and prepare to lose weight.Amazing.Now myrasskazhem how to eat right time apple diet.

You will need:

  • half a kilo of apples;
  • Two liters of mineral water;

And then the most simple.Divide the apples on five shestpriemov food and drink their mineral water.Some apples may be baked, chtobyratsion not bored.By the way, do not lishnimbudet add that baked apples contain a lot of pectin.This adsorbentvyvodit toxins from the body, so the baked apples useful raw apples.

If you are simply unable to bring himself and proderzhatsyaves day on some apples, can add to the diet of cottage cheese.For this vamponadobitsya;

  • Seven hundred and fifty grams of apples;
  • hundred and fifty grams of low fat cottage cheese.It should not be sugar and sour cream;
  • Two liters of mineral water;

section of each product on the three stages.For breakfast poraduytesebya apples at lunch - cheese and so on.Over dnyamozhno change the number of drunk mineral water, but the amount of apples and tvorogaizmenyat strictly prohibited.

If everything that is presented above, you do not have to like it, vymozhete use fasting day nayablokah and yogurt.For this you will need:

  • One kilogram of apples;
  • One liter of yogurt (2.5 percent fat).

Like all used as intended, we think vydogadalis.All products should be divided into several meals isvoevremenno drink mineral water.

Do all yablokiodinakovy?

requirements are very simple, and any of their forces vypolnit.Predpochtenie Render sweet apples yablokam.Kislye violate the gastrointestinal tract, resulting from vaspovyshaetsya appetite.For example, if you have a stomach ulcer, and you can not bytgolodnym for several days, as required by the diet fasting days may be used, provided that vseyabloki be sweet.In addition, green apples contain bolshevitamina C than red, so they buy it.

Many people are hesitant to take such a step because of fear.Someone is afraid of starvation, someone tosomnevaetsya that the apple diet can bring results.We want to reassure you.No need boyatsya.Razgruzochnaya diet is not such a terrible and daunting as it may seem at pervyyvzglyad.As for the results, takpolezno remember that a rolling stone gathers no water will flow.While you do not have prekratitemnogo, your weight will not change for the better.Do you want to quickly change? Begin to change my life.Let this be a fasting day.