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Discharge day curd

Preimuschestvarazgruzki organism using cheese

In that case, if the diet includes only courses iztvoroga, the nutritionist recommended to follow such a diet twice vnedelyu.And this makes sense, because the curd-discharge day, with mnogopreimuschestv, is becoming more common among women of all vozrastnyhgrupp.But do not overdo it, making this kind of DC power.So kakiezhe pluses in this discharge?

So, curd, being rich is so necessary for naskaltsiem, it helps to strengthen hair and nails, that is,one of glavnyhukrasheny any woman.Also, the content includes a huge kolichestvozhirov and proteins, which are one of the main materials for kozhi.Tvorozhno-discharge day can be regarded as one of the most soft and gentle species as during the day you have the opportunity to eat a variety of blyudamiiz cheese without feelingThis special feeling of hunger and ogromnogokolichestva drinking water to dampen hunger.Dishes of cottage cheese are not nikakihprotivopokazany at any age and health status.It has legko

yusvoyaemostyu and does not overload the digestive organs.This means you can relax after chtoorganizmu provide respite from heavy produktov.Razgruzka this type is more options and allows you to ostanovitsvoy choice on the one that is most suitable for you.

Minusytvorozhnoy unloading

list of advantages is far from complete, as perechislitih all in one article is not so easy.However, as with all diets, there iminusy.Ideally, unfortunately, there is nothing so razgruzochnyyden cottage cheese and has a number of negative points that need to know.This day will not bring osobobolshih results as you lose just simply 1-1,5kilogramma.If you want to lose weight more significantly, the power his sleduetzanyatsya seriously fasting days while using only kachestvepodmogi.

If you neperenosimostlaktozy present, this type of discharge does not suit you, and generally dairy produktyvam contraindicated.It is expensive, cottage cheese and cheese-discharge denoboydetsya you dearly.

Cottage cheese razgruzochnyyden and holding

correctness of the fasting day, rezultatykotorogo not take long to help you cope with chuvstvomgoloda which a person experiences with any diet and get vsegoorganizma effect as a whole.A knowledge of the rules is largely contribute rezultatyposle see the first day of the diet.So do not rush to buy cheese, prochtitesnachala rules for fasting day, because they did little.

  1. Before the fasting day, prepare your body for the fact that the usual level of calories that day will be reduced.So on the eve of the day of the discharge do not overeat, exclude from the diet fatty and sweet foods.Dine light salads or other low-calorie food.
  2. Refusing to dinner does not mean, as the failure to stress to the body and unloading will not bring the desired result.
  3. necessary during the unloading of the day to drink plenty of fluids in order to eliminate from the body cleansing products.
  4. The fasting day should be very often, but little by little, to eat.The number of meals should be about 5-6 times a day.
  5. Portions should not be large, about 200-250 grams per reception.This amount would be sufficient to be fed without overeating.
  6. After unloading should then be moderate in eating and try to give up large portions of high-calorie food reception.It is advisable to replace the sweetness of dried fruit, food, steamed or in the oven.

Nekotoryeretsepty curd handling day

There are many kinds of cottage cheese unloading diets -what some of them benign, some strict.And you can choose the one kotorayapridetsya your taste.We offer you some of them.

Klassicheskiytvorozhno-fasting day

This recipe is very simple - the main condition for its curd yavlyaetsyavybor without any kind of impurities.The daily rate required for etogodnya, approximately 1 kg of cheese and 100 grams of low-fat sour cream.All this kolichestvoproduktov be mixed in proportions of one to ten.Nothing else to add unfollow, this is particularly true of products such as honey, sugar, jam, berries.This also applies to coffee, which should also be receiving otkazatsya.Vot green tea, of course, without sugar can be consumed in large kolichestvah.Ne worth adding and sweeteners, as they have sposobnostyunagruzhat liver, and in fact it is already overloaded.

Zhestkiytvorozhno-fasting day

This type of discharge can be tougher and priemlemisklyuchitelno people who have no problems with the stomach and having a great siloyvoli.Total 500 grams of cottage cheese with fat content of 9% - the rate is calculated on the den.Razreshaetsya drink mineral water without gas adding limonnogosoka.And herbal teas without sugar.

razgruzochnyyden Cottage cheese with the addition of berries

This option is ideal for young women who oboytisbez sugar totally can not.Permission is granted for the whole day to eat 600 grtvoroga, and it should be low-fat, and about 100-120 grams of berries on vashvkus.If desired, they can be mixed with cottage cheese, but you can eat a bit of sugar.Avot drink this time is allowed only water, without any additives.

To discharge did not bother, try svoemenyu diversify, because cheese can be eaten in its pure form and make iznego various dishes, such as pancakes and casseroles without dobavleniyamasla.And there are a great variety of recipes.Most importantly, these blyudasootvetstvovali demand curd handling day.