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Tips on proper and healthy eating by Sharon Stone

can remember a fragment of "Basic Instinct", where her character in a white dress and a good haircut blows smoke from cigarettes towards the police and slowly throws his legs ... what gorgeous legs!Since the filming of this movie has been twenty years, and the actress is still in excellent shape.

About a variety of nutrition and diet Sharon wrote many publications tenfold.Unfortunately, this pretty and bright women, there are health problems in connection with which the actress very carefully control the content of their menu.

color diet Gallup

explicitly prohibit for Sharon are foods that have a high glycemic index (GI).This index shows the rate of cleavage of a specific product, which is then synthesized in the body into glucose.As is known, it is considered the main source of energy.When you use a product with a high GI raise blood sugar, and it suffers from diabetes, such experiments it is strictly contraindicated.Do not eat white bread (GI - 77-91), milk chocolate (GR - 72).But in the

leaves of lettuce, cabbage (broccoli) or pubs GOP is about 13 - you can eat safely.

GI concept was taken as a basis for a Canadian nutritionist Rick Gallop, which is known as the founder of Gi-diet.He developed a colorful palette of colors to designate products with different GI index.The most dangerous are the "red" products - they are strictly contraindicated.This corn flakes, white bread, pumpkin, white rice, dates, mashed potatoes, maple syrup, cakes and many others.

By "yellow" nutritionist products include wheat, wheat bran, oatmeal, muffins (white bread) for hamburgers, ice cream.Green grapes, bananas, mangoes, raisins, figs, pineapple, wild rice and baked potato is also in this list.That is, you can eat them, but gently.In contrast, the "green" products are always held in high esteem!

By "green" includes plums, soy, grapefruit, onions, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, chili.These products are most useful and some of the low-calorie.Therefore, it is logical that in the diet of the famous actress (fan Gallup) a lot of them.

talk about potatoes

some time actress "sitting" on "potato" diet.The main directions of this diet - positive.You need to remove multiple flour products, and in the morning you should drink up to two glasses of raw pure water in the evening there watermelon pulp.Before going to bed drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.Morning meal should be boiled potatoes, but we must not forget that its GI rather high - 72. Potatoes, although it is a leader in its calorie vegetables, but it contains potassium, which helps to remove excess water from the body.Therefore, it displays and superfluous kilos.However, it works, if you do not eat fatty foods.That's what Sharon did.

proved that the most useful new potatoes (the "green" zone).For example, potatoes baked Gallup refers to "yellow" ingredients.Mashed potatoes, as has been said, the red color.

carbohydrates - less protein - more

Despite the long observance of the potato diet, yet today it is powered entirely different.Helped actress in 55 years continue to be in shape and look as "excellent" special anti-aging eating a balanced system."Less fat and carbohydrates, but the maximum amount of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on products with a high protein content - advises Sharon Stone.- Should monitor the volume portions and counting calories.Do not be afraid, this weight gain is not as continue your lean body mass.The main thing that will always be on our toes the most important muscle of the body - the heart. "

Sharon in power lack of restrictions, but exhausting this diet can not be called.Prohibited use:

  • Semis;

  • butter;

  • sweetness;

  • carbohydrates (potato chips, candy, pasta, bakery products);

  • fortified alcohol (star refused to even "Bordeaux" at lunchtime).

A list that can be used:

  • fish, which is rich in essential fatty acids to us;

  • lean beef (up to five times per week);

  • fat dairy products;

  • a lot of water - up to two liters per day;

  • little salt, but a lot of herbs and spices;

  • lemon juice for salads;

  • herbal tea (herbal decoction drink in the morning).

In general, the food is prepared simply Sharon - boiled or steamed.In numerous interviews Star recommends not to think of your body as a garbage can, and eat only healthy and wholesome foods and to eat moderately.

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