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What you need to eat in the winter to stay in shape and be healthy?

most useful - fresh produce

Each of us knows that zimoymnogie fruits and vegetables more expensive.And they are the main sources vitaminov.No actually winter food can be low.For this prostonuzhno buy the fruits and vegetables that are on the shelves: radish, carrots, cabbage, beets.These vegetables are a number of useful elements vitaminovi.Besides, they can be eaten like a cheese and stewed vide.Poleznymi will juices from these products.

Do not forget the fruit.It mogutbyt apples, oranges, lemons, bananas, tangerines, grapes, grapefruit and takdalee.Prices of all this is not very high, so everyone can afford ihpozvolit.In addition, all this is very useful, it is also delicious.

In cold weather you need obyazatelnokushat hot liquid food.It can be soups, soups - mashed potatoes, soup and takdalee.At least once a day, this dish should be present in your diet, you dazheesli not much like him.

Include in your diet pitaniyazhiry.They are indispensable in winter.In your diet should not be less

than 55% animal fat and 45% of the plant.If you stick to a diet or fasting, then lean on fatty fish - tuna and salmon.Besides fats, rybesoderzhitsya many useful macro and micro elements.

Depending on the type svoeydeyatelnosti need to calculate the number of calories needed for the day.If vyzanimaetes physical activity or mental work, then you should poluchatne less than 2400 calories per day.Otherwise, your body will become easy prey dlyainfektsy and viruses.

blow to microbes

To svoyorganizm protect against infection, you need every day to eat onions and garlic.Did you know that eating just one clove of garlic a day has neobhodimyyantiseptichesky and preventive effect?If you are afraid resistant zapahachesnoka, just swallow a clove whole, without chewing it.Same samoemozhno said of onions.It is not less useful.Due to volatile, kotoryesoderzhatsya in it, it has anti-infective action and povyshaetzaschitnye of the organism.

To cope sboleznyami, the body needs substances such as protein, iron, zinc and selenium.Vseeto ​​can be found in beef, and in large quantities.In the winter periodgovyadinu combine well with vegetables and garlic.

In winter uvelichivaetsyanagruzka thyroid.Therefore, in your diet neobhodimovklyuchit enough iodine.This element is in large kolichestvahnahoditsya in persimmon, sea fish, onions.Also iodine can be obtained from vitamin ispetsialnyh additives.

If you constantly merznu winter, despite the fact that the dress warmly, it may indicate Otomi that you have problems with iron in the body.Iron can be obtained from takihproduktov as apples, mushrooms, beans and meat.

If you love sweets and nepredstavlyaete my life without them, it is not necessary to completely give them up.Nosokratit their use still stands.Since you do not get the benefit nikakoyot eaten piece of cake or pastry.But the extra calories and sugar vamobespecheny.It is best to replace all these goodies dried fruit, nuts, fruit ilisvezhimi.

The best drinks for zimybudut teas, herbal teas, fruit drinks and infusions, which contain a minimum kolichestvosahara.In addition, you should drink plenty of purified water.Because the loss of zhidkostiorganizmom increases your chances of a cold.It is desirable to eliminate coffee and tenapitki that contain caffeine.

What should be the breakfast

Breakfast is one of the components of our diet samyhvazhnyh.From that, we have breakfast in the morning, budetzaviset we feel throughout the day.So you always dolzhnykushat morning.Especially in winter.After all, our bodies need dopolnitelnyesily to resist germs and infections.

all people can be divided into dvatipa.The first type include those used to always eat breakfast in the morning, ako second type of people who can not even eat a sandwich with tea.Unfortunately, many scientists proved that that category of people who refuse to otzavtraka in the morning, often suffer from cardiovascular diseases, stress iponizhennym immunity.Besides, if you do not have breakfast, then lunch vysedite twice more than usual.This means that any excess food will go to the sides.

Train yourself to what nuzhnopozavtrakat at least half an hour after you wake up.Immediately posleprobuzhdeniya not worth embarking on a meal, because the body needs time chtobynormalizovatsya after rest.As soon you get up from bed, drink stakanteploy water with lemon juice and honey.Then you can take a shower.For etovremya your stomach starts to work and you will have the appetite.

For breakfast you can eat all that is in want.But it is better to give preference to the following dishes: varenyeyaytsa, yogurt, curd, fruit salad.You do not need to overeat.Otherwise vasbystro will drowsiness and lethargy.Better a little bit and do nedoest chasovodinnadtsat a small snack or sandwich apple.If you rabotasvyazana with mental activity, add to your morning diet nemnogoshokolada or honey.These products will fill your brain with glucose.

If you have to trudnyyden that require physical strength, the breakfast should be more dense.You mozheteprigotovit a sandwich with chicken, lettuce, tomato and pepper.Belyyhleb recommended to replace the black or bran.From white bread silnopopravlyayutsya and besides, he's not rich.Also your morning porridge and ratsionnuzhno turn, can be supplemented with milk.

energiyuna to get the whole day, cook an omelet with cheese.You can enjoy breakfast of muesli with nuts, milk and fruit.If you want to cook pancakes with jam or cheese cakes sosmetanoy.

winter To stay healthy, you need to fully eat and choose those foods that contain bolshoekolichestvo vitamins, macro- and microelements.

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